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PTUPunjab Technical University (India)
PTUPolice Tactical Unit (Hong Kong)
PTUPower Transfer Unit (aircraft hydraulic backup system)
PTUPhysical Training Uniform
PTUPérimètre de Transport Urbain (French: Urban Transportation Perimeter)
PTUPan Tilt Unit
PTUPortable Test Unit
PTUProvidence Teachers Union
PTUPolskie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeñ (Polish Value Added Tax)
PTUPrise de Terrain en U (aeronautics)
PTUParticipating Test Unit
PTUProcess Technology Utilization
PTUPyay Technological University (Myanmar)
PTUPortable Terminal Unit
PTUPaper Tape Unit
PTUParallel Transfer Unit
PTUPort Transducer Unit
PTUParticipación de los Trabajadores en las Utilidades (Spanish: Employee Participation in Earnings)
PTUPropylene Thiourea (chemical)
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Effects of propylthiouracil and methimazole on fetal thyroid status in mothers with Graves' hyperthyroidism.
Inactivation of peroxidase of rate bone marrow by repeated administration of propylthiouracil is accompanied by a change in the heme structure.
Both Carbimazole and Propylthiouracil differ in their mechanisms of causation of liver damage.
Use propylthiouracil (PTU), if available, as the first-line drug for treatment of hyperthyroidism during the first trimester.
Interestingly, several of these processes (described above) have been shown to be directly affected by PBDEs or their metabolites, and adverse effects comparable to those observed after developmental exposure to BFRs are also observed in animal models of moderate or transient insufficiency in thyroid hormone levels, commonly induced by exposure to propylthiouracil (reviewed by Zoeller and Crofton 2005).
Also advised is a more cautious approach to the use of propylthiouracil (PTU).
In controlled hypothyroidism patients, the dentist Hypothyorid patient on propylthiouracil treatment must be monitored for possible agranulocytosis, hypo- proteinemia or bleeding, and a complete blood count lest including prothrombin time be performed before doing any invasive procedure.
In a systematic review, propylthiouracil, hydralazine, granulocytecolony stimulating factor (G-CSF), cefaclor, minocycline, allopurinol, D-penicillamine, phenytoin, isotretinoin and methotrexate were the most frequently reported cause of drug-induced vasculitis.
Therefore, in order to induce hypercholesterolemia or atherosclerosis in rats, cholesterol feeding is associated with other additives, including bile acids and propylthiouracil, which increase the intestinal absorption of cholesterol [19].
She developed a rash due to carbimazole and hence had to be switched to propylthiouracil.
Hyperthyroidism was controlled with oral propylthiouracil 200 mg every four hours, oral iodine solution (lugol) eight drops every six hours, oral propranolol 40 mg every eight hours and intravenous hydrocortisone 100 mg every eight hours.
Doctors usually first try either propylthiouracil or methimazole to treat children with Graves' disease, the most common cause of an overactive thyroid.