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PROSParts Repair Ordering Service
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Celebrated PROS' 20th anniversary by recognizing the substantial number of professional staff with over 10 years of PROS experience.
The PROS SupportWeb allows clients to easily submit, view and update their PROS Product Support incidents.
Open discussion for users to share Best Practices in applying PROS Solutions
The launch of new web-based support implementation PROS SupportWeb.
PROS is headquartered in Houston, TX, and has satellite offices located in Frankfurt; Hong Kong; Singapore; Dubai; London; Seoul; Vancouver; San Francisco, CA; and Austin, TX.
We are excited about this release of the PROS O&D solution as it significantly enhances product usability.
We are pleased to provide the opportunity for more participants to attend the PROS Annual Conference by offering low registration fees.
PROS is the world's leader in pricing and revenue optimization solutions with over 250 deployed solutions across 12 major industries, optimizing millions of pricing decisions every day.
We wanted to ensure a robust, high-valued, and fully proven solution; therefore, ANZ brought in an independent consulting firm, Covec, to scientifically audit the economic results of the PROS Hybrid technology," he continued.
PROS is recognized as the leader in Pricing and Revenue Optimization and is one of the most financially viable vendors in the space.
PROS has a strong customer base including numerous Fortune 1000-size companies in 12 major industries," said Jeff Robinson, Senior Vice President of PROS Pricing Solutions.
PROS Product Optimization Solution strengthens our long-term client partnerships and fills a critical need for them to achieve Pricing Excellence," said Jeff Robinson, Vice President of PROS Pricing Solutions.