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PROTECTProsecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to end the Exploitation of Children Today (Act)
PROTECTProgram for Response Options and Technology Enhancements for Chemical/Biological Terrorism
PROTECTPrivacy Rights and Oversight for Electronic and Commercial Transactions (Act)
PROTECTPrediction of the Erosion of Cliffed Terrains (EU)
PROTECTPrecose Resolution of Optimal Titration to Enhance Current Therapies (endocrinology)
PROTECTProspective Reinfarction Outcomes in the Thrombolytic Era Cardizem CD Trial (cardiovascular study)
PROTECTPagans Reaching Out to Educate Campus Together (Illinois State University)
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Freedom of assembly has also been interpreted to protect the freedom of association, which is why private clubs and organizations are not covered by civil rights laws and can exclude whomever they like.
The speed of the bare metal recovery--in fact any recovery--is based on the unique design of the backup engine that minimizes the amount of data that an organization needs to protect through a combination of common file elimination and data compression.
Yet, if I asked you whether or not the data fields that hold your clients' Social Security numbers inside your accounting software protect that information with a layer of encryption, could you confidently answer "yes"?
It is important for CPAs to ensure that plans always contain benefits for nonowner employees to protect plan assets from creditors.
Also, Minor said terrorism remains a serious risk, which trade disruption insurance can protect against.
Along with their aesthetic appeal, big trees have the capacity to help protect watersheds and restore aquifers, Woody vegetation, especially the spreading canopy of old-growth, reduces the amount of storm runoff and softens the force of heavy rains, allowing rainfall to slow down, seep in, infiltrate the soil, and recharge stream flows.
Russian scientist Victor Nikiforov approached WWF in 1991 with a plan to protect fragile Arctic habitats from growing pressures of oil and gas development.
D)eveloping in children and youth an ethic of responsible choice and skills for appropriate behavior is foundational for all efforts to protect them.
It is crucial that we protect these precious places before it is too late,'' said Boxer in a prepared statement.
This is important because most of the diseases these vaccines protect your child against can be serious, even deadly.
The new McAfee VirusScan has been enhanced to allow organizations to easily manage desktop virus security for their entire enterprise, and is now integrated with important new management capabilities that proactively protect against virus attacks.
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