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PROXPreferential Oxidation
PROXProximo (Mense) next (Month)
PROXPreferential Oxidizer
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The ProX 400 is changing the metal manufacturing paradigm from A to Z.
A key element of the ProX 500 Plus s industry-leading engineering capabilities is the addition of three exclusive high-performance materials to the DuraFormA ProX line for use in the ProX 500 Plus:
Proven technology in a smaller footprint such as the Goring Kerr PROx meets this need with the added benefit of greater installation flexibility as well as addressing risk mitigation and regulatory compliance issues for food manufacturers.
The technologies are embeddable with a contact chip, and can also optionally be combined with HID Prox technology.
Our Direct Metal Printers and the ProX 400 are redefining metal manufacturing and the products they go into, said Reichental.
The ProX 300 is a complementary technology to our existing deep draw and precision machining capability and will allow us to offer an even broader range of unique solutions to our customers," says Gary Cosmer, CEO of Metal Technology.
The PROX DU is also suitable for retail and mass transit applications where speed is crucial, as well as for e-banking transactions and loyalty programs.
The wireless radio transmitter in both TRANS PROX devices is designed with Linear's Mega-Code format.
The ProX Direct Metal 3D printers are designed for the most demanding production applications requiring functional, fully dense metal parts with the performance, productivity and precision that rivals CNC.
The latest evolution in metal printing, ProX DMS is specifically designed for the most demanding manufacturing floor conditions, delivering high-density, precise 3D-printed parts in a wide range of metals including steel, titanium alloys and aluminium.
PROX, one of STEP's core technologies sets a new standard for dual microphone headsets, and will be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8, 2007.
3D Systems today announced the immediate availability of its ProX 950 Stereolithography (SLAA) 3D printer, the largest-format, highest-speed, greatest accuracy and greenest 3D printer available today.