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PSALMPower Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (Philippines)
PSALMProject for Seniors and Lifelong Ministry (St. Pancras Parish Church London; London, England, UK)
PSALMParticipatory School Administration, Leadership, and Management (study; Philippines)
PSALMPhilippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (est. 1969)
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She sat in the pew with the clergyman's family, and when they had ended the psalm and looked up, they nodded and said, "It is right that thou art come
Lisbeth had a vague belief that the psalm was doing her husband good; it was part of that decent burial which she would have thought it a greater wrong to withhold from him than to have caused him many unhappy days while he was living.
This was the key-note to which Adam's thoughts had perpetually returned since his father's death, and the solemn wail of the funeral psalm was only an influence that brought back the old thoughts with stronger emphasis.
His heart began to sink within him; he endeavored to resume his psalm tune, but his parched tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, and he could not utter a stave.
They consisted of two shirts and a half; two stocks for the neck; a pair or two of worsted stockings; an old pair of corduroy small- clothes; a rusty razor; a book of psalm tunes full of dog's-ears; and a broken pitch-pipe.
The schoolhouse being deserted soon fell to decay, and was reported to be haunted by the ghost of the unfortunate pedagogue and the plough-boy, loitering homeward of a still summer evening, has often fancied his voice at a distance, chanting a melancholy psalm tune among the tranquil solitudes of Sleepy Hollow.
He maddened me particularly when he read aloud the psalms to himself behind his partition.
The Bible itself was not much known to me at an age when most children have been obliged to read it several times over; the gospels were indeed familiar, and they have always been to me the supreme human story; but the rest of the New Testament I had not read when a man grown, and only passages of the Old Testament, like the story of the Creation, and the story of Joseph, and the poems of Job and Ecclesiastes, with occasional Psalms.
Had he been at that time singing psalms in the church, he would have avoided a broken head.
These factors, PSALM is referring to, include the necessary commissioning of new power plants between 2001 to 2006 to prevent the power shortage that paralyzed the country in the 1990s until early 2000, refinancing or new loans to fill the gap when maturing obligations fall due, and the vulnerability of PSALM's assumed loans to foreign exchange fluctuations," PSALM said.
To date, the privatization proceeds that PSALM realized stood at P528 billion, while the collection from the stranded contract cost portion of the universal charge reached P56.
In particular, COA cited the "incomplete records of all the 6,160 lots transferred from NPC," emphasizing further that "only 720 lots are documented with the transfer certificates of title (TCTs) turned over to PSALM.