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PSECPuget Sound Engineering Council (Washington)
PSECProvably Secure Elliptic Curve (public key encryption)
PSECPublic Safety Enterprise Communication (California)
PSECPurdue Student Education Council (Indiana)
PSECPlastic Surgery Education Campaign (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
PSECProcess Systems Engineering Consortium (various universities)
PSECPressure Switch End Cap (TacStar)
PSECProfessional Staff Executive Committee (Columbia University)
PSECPower System Education Committee (IEEE Power Engineering Society)
PSECPublic Services Executive Committee (Cornell University)
PSECPolling Station Electoral Commission (Russian Federation)
PSECPlease See Embedded Comments (email)
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In this section, we use the PSEC and PPSEC to design miniaturized rectangular patch antennas with efficient broadside radiation.
MoPEP 1 and the largest UPPs sufficiently support the MJMEUC PSEC project rating.
Louis, PSEC invested more than $1 billion in environmental emissions control equipment, allowing it to meet and exceed the newest U.
Beginning in 2013, SIPC's financial metrics are expected to be pressured, as the substantial debt associated with PSEC begins to amortize.
The members are obligated pursuant to take-or-pay power sales agreements, to pay NIMPA for all its power supply costs, including debt service on the PSEC related bonds, whether the project is operating or not.
In addition to PSEC, PPS owns and operates a natural gas-fired peaking plant (capable of generating 124 MW) as well as hydroelectric power derived from multiple American Municipal Power, Inc.
The PSEC power will displace members' similar cost shorter-term power purchases.
COMPETITIVE PROJECT ECONOMICS: Despite increased costs associated with construction delays, project economics and characteristics suggest that PSEC will be a competitive power resource over the long-term.
8) A recommended range for Tr, considering equipment available to engineers and PCB manufacturers, is 125-175 psec.
COMPROMISED PLANT OPERATIONS: Failure to operate PSEC at a reasonable and healthy level of availability and capacity, to capture the project's increased capital costs, could result in negative rating pressure.
Photon timing accuracy varies with the nature of the photon input and the user settings, but can be as low as 9 psec.