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PPIProducer Price Index
PPIPayment Protection Insurance (UK)
PPIPixels Per Inch
PPIPages Per Inch
PPIPotash & Phosphate Institute
PPIPlan Position Indicator (radar)
PPIPlastics Pipe Institute
PPIPlan Particulier d'Intervention (French: Individual Plan of Intervention)
PPIPlanetary Plasma Interactions
PPIPartito Popolare Italiano (Italian Popular Party)
PPIPay Per Install
PPIParallel Port Interface
PPIPatient Package Insert (pharmacies)
PPIPensions Policy Institute
PPIPast Performance Information
PPIPractical Process Improvement
PPIPhysician Preference Item (medical devices)
PPIPollution Prevention Institute
PPIProjet Pédagogique Individualisé (French: Individual Educational Project)
PPIPersonal Property Inventory
PPIPolyphthalamide (Amodel, Allegheny Plastics, Inc.)
PPIPrimarily Primates Inc (San Antonio, Texas)
PPIPlanning Perspectives, Inc.
PPIPeople to People International
PPIPreplanned Product Improvement
PPIPolicy, Planning, and Innovation (US Department of Education)
PPIPaper and Pencil Test
PPIPortion Pac, Inc.
PPIPlanned Position Indicator
PPIPolicy Proof of Interest (insurance)
PPIProposal Preparation Instructions
PPIPreprimary Impaired
PPIPyrograf Products Inc. (Cedarville, OH)
PPIProgrammable Parallel Interface
PPIPrinted Postage Impressions
PPIPersonal Protection Index (hazard identification)
PPIPeak Program Indicator
PPIParts Per Inch
PPIPersonal Priesthood Interview (used in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
PPIPost Partum Interval
PPIPickle Packers International, Inc
PPIPOM Preparation Instructions
PPIPrecision Parts International, LLC
PPIPersonnel Process Improvement (US Army)
PPIPotato Products of Idaho
PPIPrimary Program Institution
PPIProcess Prove-In
PPIPower Paragon, Inc.
PPIPCS-to-PCS Interference
PPIPrakken Publications, Inc
PPIPastoralpsychologische Institut in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg eV
PPIProcurement Package Input
PPIPersonnel Point of Impact (military paradrop)
PPIPredicted Point of Impact (airdrop mission computer)
PPIProcessor to Processor Interface
PPIPermanent Prostate Implantation (cancer)
PPIPayroll Personnel Information
PPIPremier Property Inspections
PPIPetropars Iran
PPIPreservation & Packing Instructions
PPIPIPA Pulse Integrator
PPIProduction Programming Instruction
PPIPrimary Power Interface (NASA EHF communications)
PPIPrudential Plans, Incorporated
PPIPrimarly Primates Inc (San Antonio, Texas)
PPIPre-Production Implementation
PPIPolicies, Procedures and Instructions (workstream management)
PPIProject Planning & Initiation
PPIPersonal Products Index
PPIPrincipia Publishing Incorporated
PPIPrimary Plant Instrumentation
PPIPlan Preparation Instruction
PPIPrompt Payment Incentive (microbanking)
PPIProvide Physical Infrastructure
PPIProtein-Protein Interactions
PPIPublic-Private Infrastructure
PPIPhysician Practice Information (survey)
PPIProgrammable Peripheral Interface
PPIProgressive Policy Institute
PPIProperty Price Index
PPIPrivate Participation in Infrastructure
PPIPublic Policy Initiative
PPIPRIMEX Physics International
PPIPublic-Private Initiatives
PPIPublic Policy Institute (AARP)
PPIProtected Personal Information (privacy regulations and policies FERPA, HIPPA, GLBA)
PPIProcess Performance Indicator (evaluation tool)
PPIPulp and Paper Industry
PPIPrivate Property Impound (law enforcement)
PPiPyrophosphate (inorganic chemistry)
PPIPre-Purchase Inspection
PPIProduction Price Index (South Africa)
PPIPinpoint Injection (Halliburton)
PPIProton Pump Inhibitor (heartburn medication)
PPIPrecision Products, Inc. (various locations)
PPIProduct Performance Issue
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Another enzyme related to the pyrophosphate pathway is cluster of differentiation 73, a membrane surface protein coded by ecto-5'-nucleotidase gene ( NT5E ).
Idiopathic calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease in a young male patient: a case report.
1,2) The formation of calcium pyrophosphate crystals is extracellular, however, pyrophosphate is a by-product of several intracellular reactions thus unable to diffuse passively across the cell membrane.
5% of the blend (sodium pyrophosphate plus yeast extract) to the food promoted an increase in cats' preference (P<0.
The strongest correlations to C and N were for diester P, lipid P and RNA P; there were weaker correlations of C and N with humic P and pyrophosphate.
Fiume, "Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition disease of the filum terminale," European Spine Journal, vol.
Thus, light emission is proportional to the amount of pyrophosphate produced, which is directly proportional to the number of nucleotides added.
Examples of these additives include dicalcium phosphate, disodium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, tricalcium phosphate, and trisodium triphosphate.
Listed first are the "leavening agents": sodium aluminum phosphate, mono-calcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and calcium lactate.
In their analysis of the resulting solution the scientists found the compound pyrophosphite, a molecular 'cousin' of pyrophosphate -- the part of ATP responsible for energy transfer.
Beverages- phosphoric acid in colas for acidulant, pyrophosphate in chocolate milk to suspend cocoa, pyrophosphate in buttermilk for protein dispersion, tricalcium phosphate in orange juice for fortification, tetra-sodium phospahte in strawberry flavor milk to bind iron to pink color