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PYPython (file format/extension)
PYParaguay (IAO country code, top level domain)
PYProgram Year
PYSpray (METAR obscuration)
pyPyridine (chemistry)
PYPrior Year
PYPart Year
PYPangYa (MMO game)
PYProject Yes (various organizations)
PYPete Yorn (musician)
PYPayroll Accounting
PYPatient Year
PYPhoenix Yellow (Acura Integra Type R color)
PYPlanning Year
PYPromotion Year
PYSurinam Airways Ltd (IATA airline code)
PYPoka Yoke (Japanese: Mistake Proofing)
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The Programming using Python course from NIIT has been structured such that even a student with no programming knowledge can easily pick up the language.
The launch of open source Teradata Module for Python enables programmers and data scientists working in the ubiquitous Python language to easily create applications that exploit data in the Teradata Database, while enabling smoother data warehouse operations.
Last year, officials found just one rock python, which was run over by a state Department of Transportation lawn mower in August.
According to the company, these new PYTHON 2000 and PYTHON 5000 image sensors, with resolutions of 2.
The collection draws inspiration from the textures and subtle forms of one of nature's most magnificent and beautiful reptiles, Python, said a statement.
e Monty Python cast will be broadcasting their 'nal live reunion simultaneously to 450 cinemas in the UK and a further 1,500 across the world on July 20.
The videos allowed the Pythons to get changed - and catch their breath - as well as making sure the sixth Python, Graham Chapman, would be remembered.
The Python will be comfortable to handle and work with and made available in a variety of poundage increments.
The Pythons, who made a string of hit films including Life of Brian, said: "Thanks to the wonderful invention of moving pictures, The Last Night of Monty Python is coming to a cinema near you.
For experienced programmers, this guide to programming in Python adopts a key thematic approach.
The story went viral on Twitter, after an image posted by a financial professional from Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Vikraman Nair, showing a python with a large object inside of it.
Eric Idle, Terry Jones, the late Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Michael Palin (front) of Monty Python, whose surviving members are to reunite