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QATQuality Assurance Team
QATQuality Action Team
QATQatar (ISO 3-letter country code)
QATQuality Assurance Technician
QATQuick Action Team
QATQualification Approval Test
QATQualification Acceptance Test
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Palijo also expressed gratitude to the PML-F's chief Pir Pagara Syed Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi for supporting the QAT in the elections.
14th QAT of EVS partners and 11th QAT of New School Program (NSP) partner schools will be held in second week of January 2016.
Much of Yemen's scarce agricultural land and water supply is devoted to qat production, and many families in the impoverished nation report spending over half their income on the narcotic.
Mohammad Al-Ghubari, former secretary general of the Autma reserve, describes the increase in qat cultivation as the single biggest threat to the reserve's stability and preservation.
The qat was packed in nylon bags and covered with aluminum foil.
The fact that qat is controlled in some, but not all, countries is
The problem is qat," said a European expert who did not wish to be identified, adding about half the water used for agriculture goes to growing qat.
Cool for Qat is a comic travelogue which weaves the 19th and 20th Century history of the Yemeni community in South Shields into Peter's journey across Yemen.
The body of Mr Chohan, whose firm Ciba Freight imports a narcotic called qat as well as fruit and vegetables, was found in the sea at Bournemouth last month.
On top is often the traditional mafraj, the big room with the view, in which the owner and his male friends would gather to drink coffee and chew qat leaves, the local narcotic herb to which most men are devoted.
No book about Yemen would be complete without a discussion of qat (Catha Edulis), pronounced gat by Yemenis, "the mild narcotic leaves of a shrub which are widely chewed by both mates and females" (see the etching, p.
The qat problem, which has crippled social life in parts of the Middle East and the Horn of Africa for centuries, has spread to the West.