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QQ (character from Star Trek the Next Generation)
QQueen (chess)
QQuality Factor
QQuick (flash; nautical navigation)
QQueensland (Australia)
QCharge (physics)
QParcel Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
QQuestionable (player's likelihood of participating)
QQwest Communications International Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
QCardiac Output
QQuebec (aviation letter code)
QGlutamine (amino acid)
QDrone (US military aircraft designation; as in Q-3)
QQuaker State (motor oil)
QQuetzalcoatl (the movie Q)
QUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (US Military aerospace vehicle)
QSquall (weather reports)
QQ code (see Radio Operators' Handbook)
QQuaque (Latin: each, every; used in medical prescriptions)
QUnknown Variable
QAphelion Distance (astronomy)
QQu'ran (the Koran)
QQuadrillion BTU (same As Quads)
QMajor Boothroyd (James Bond's armourer)
QFairchild Aircraft Division (US Navy)
QConstant Phase Element (impedance spectra)
QStinson Aircraft Corporation (US Navy)
QSet of Rational Numbers (math)
QBristol Aeronautical Corporation (US Navy aircraft designation)
QElectronic Countermeasures Missions (US Navy)
QRanger-Lark Division (US Navy)
QStream flow or discharge (geologic term)
QUnit of Dynamic Pressure
QName of alien character (Star Trek NG and Star Trek Voyager TV program)
QLong Chromosomal Arm (in humans; refers to autosomes 1-22)
QSecond Heartbeat Wave
QQuality measurement of a tuned circuit in electronics
QUS DoT tire speed rating (99 mph)
QPriority rating given to PWs (now 'Total care')
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The quadrature booster is a type of the phase shifter which allows obtaining the phase shift between voltage [[bar.
First, we describe the quadrature demodulation of an AM radio signal containing HV noise.
n, in the weighted Hermite-Newton quadrature rule of the form (3.
In this paper, a novel metamaterial broadband quadrature power divider and a simply but robust design methodology based on a closed set of equations are proposed.
Dash [5] have constructed two Mixed quadrature rules, i,e [SM.
The package DCUTRI [Berntsen and Espelid 1992] fails to compute an accurate error estimate in the case where the quadrature rules integrate the user-defined function exactly.
i,v] in Gauss-Turan quadrature formulas with multiple nodes and their generalizations can be found in [15, 18, 28, 37] (see also [13]).
The RH TL has been used to design the differential VCO [10] and the LH TL has been used to design the differential VCO [3] and QvCO [4] with cross-coupled switching transistors; however the performance of 2-stage LH LC-ring oscillator requires further improvement using active coupling between two LC stages for quadrature generation.
an Integrated Circuit for decoding and counting quadrature clocks directly from Incremental Encoders.
Quadrature hybrid circuits have wide application in radio frequency and microwave circuits and systems.
The model STQ-2016 Silicon Germanium (SiGe) direct quadrature modulator is operable from 800 to 2500 MHz, covering 2G/3G wireless frequency bands.