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delivery of a combination of high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) with high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer and upstream quadrupole mass filter (q-tof).
This scheme, together with the heated inlet path, greatly reduces spurious background signal and maintains the integrity of the quadrupole mass filter for longer, allowing potentially harmful deposits to pass straight through and on to the ultra-high vacuum pumping system.
The MAXIM-600P detector is based on the proprietary 6-mm triple quadrupole mass filter with pulse ion detection.
The main methods for detecting ions and generating an electric current proportional to their abundance are a) by directing the ions sequentially in the mass analyser to a point where there is a single-channel detector, such as in Faraday cup or various focal plane detectors, scintillation counting, and photomultiplier, and electron multiplier (as used in quadrupole mass filter or time-of-flight analyser), and b) where ions are dispersed simultaneously to a plane and detected by a focal-plane detector, such as array detectors (as used in magnetic sector instruments) (38).
Waters' ZSPRAY LC-MS interface and quadrupole mass filter technologies will be combined with IonSpec's FT-MS technology.
The pressure in the ionizer is the same as in the rest of the surrounding vacuum, and also the same as in the quadrupole mass filter and ion detector.
In principle, the quadrupole ion trap (QIT) has an advantage over the quadrupole mass filter when large numbers of ions must be monitored.
Chapter two develops the theory of quadrupole storage mass spectrometry by first using the familiar quadrupole mass filter and applying this knowledge to develop the operational theory of quadrupole ion traps.
The MAXIM-600P detector is based around the proprietary 6-mm triple quadrupole mass filter with pulse ion detection.
Its ion optical system is optimized with a high-performance quadrupole mass filter and Shimadzu's Optdesign simulation program to provide high-quality mass spectra.