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Ward Burton, a Daytona 500 winner, did not qualify for his second straight race as well.
According to the preamble to the proposed regulations, the footnote explains that, even though receipts from a cup of coffee prepared at a retail establishment do not qualify for the special deduction, receipts from a portion of the cup of coffee representing production activities conducted away from the retail facility (the coffee beans roasted at a facility separate from the retail establishment) do qualify.
Labor costs related to installation qualify for the credit.
When the FBI began changing from revolvers to pistols in July 1990, it stopped dismissing new agent trainees who did not qualify with their service weapons to better assess and validate the new firearms training procedures, course curriculum, and qualifying standards.
Keep in mind that economically prudent hedging transactions don't always qualify for the hedge accounting prescribed in SFAS 52.
Because the taxpayers in Rivera used the property for only eight days during the year at issue, the question remains as to how much personal use will still enable the property to qualify as investment property.
The Tax Relief Act waives the first-time home buyer requirement, so those whose homes were damaged by Katrina can qualify for low-interest-rate mortgages through 2007.
The plan loan must qualify when made and at all times thereafter.
These companies should be considered only when a client cannot qualify for one of the more rigorously underwritten policies, since the eventual cost of any policy form will be based on the collective experience of the insureds with that policy form.
In addition, industrial projects may qualify for substantial reductions of up to 30 percent in the cost of its energy under the City's Energy Cost Savings Program.