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QCQuality Control
QCQuébec (Province de Québec)
QCQueen's Counsel (UK)
QCQuad Cities
QCQuebec City (Quebec, Canada)
QCQuick Connect
QCQueen Creek (Arizona)
QCQuality Center (Hewlett-Packard)
QCQueens College (New York)
QCQuezon City (Metro Manila, Philippines)
QCQuality Checking
QCQuick Change (aircraft modification)
QCQueen City (nickname for the city of Cincinnati, Ohio downtown area)
QCQuantum Cryptography
QCQuantum Computation
QCQuestionable Content (webcomic)
QCQuantum Cascade (type of laser)
QCQualcomm Incorporated
QCQuietcomfort (Bose headphones)
QCQuay Crane (logistics)
QCQuartz Composer (Macintosh graphics tool)
QCQuality Carriers (trucking company)
QCQuad Cane
QCQuartz Crystal
QCQuality Conference
QCQuakeC (C/C++ based language used to extend Quake)
QCQuality Circle
QCQuebec Central (railway)
QCQuebec Central
QCQwest Corporation
QCQuick Capture (gaming)
QCQuarter Column (print advertising)
QCQuickly Completed
QCQuarter of Coverage
QCQuiet Channel (RCA two-way radio)
QCQuantum Conservation (physics)
QCQuality of Conformance
QCQuiet Chuckle
QCQuad Center
QCQualifying Capacity (electricity)
QCQuorum Consensus
QCQuantum Counter
QCQuota Certificate
QCQuarternary Center (ITU-T)
QCQuickmaile Chainmaile
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Item Comparison The Quality Circles Criteria 1 Mission The completion of specific work to solve a specific problem.
1987b), "Effectiveness of Quality Circle and Its Determinants in a Large Industrial Organization in India", Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 22: 355-68
Mosley, a consultant in the UK, and Tew, an independent consultant in group processes and the social and emotional components of learning, apply Mosley's Quality Circle Time model (which involves circle meetings for educational professionals and students) to teach secondary students positive relationship skills, self-esteem, team building, and positive behavior and emotion management.
The SDMTs, in a way, take the roles and responsibilities of the quality circles in TQM practices.
The Quality Circle meetings, though useful, were limited in their effectiveness as the teachers were only able to get together for one half day meeting a term.
Quality Circle is statistically significant only in the Empowerment regression, Committee System only in the Workload and Stressfulness regressions, and Steering Committee in none of the regressions.
Most of the reported experiences with the quality circle implementation in higher education have been positive.
A quality circle program was initiated in 1982 and rapidly proliferated throughout field operations as well as central office divisions.
As a result, manufacturers who earlier believed in autocracy began to introduce Japanese-based techniques like quality circle programmes which facilitated employees' participation in quality improvement programmes.
Jr, "Employee participation in a quality circle program: impact on quality of work life, productivity, and absenteeism", Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol.
Regular Quality Circle meetings takes place and the results are very encouraging.
Initially the very potency of the symbol of the circle seemed to suffice, with the quality circle becoming a ready export along with motor cars and electrical goods.
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