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QWLQuality of Work Life
QWLQuality of Working Life
QWLQuantum Well Laser
QWLQiumi Wrestling League (Germany)
QWLQuantity of Wet Lung
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The objective of the acquisition is a practical guide for smes and micro enterprises to create a foundation for the quality of working life, To produce a workbook and its contents in written form.
Quality of Working Life and Organizational Development, Open Access Scientific Reports, 2: 3.
The effects of quality of working life on employee behavioral responses.
1983), "Design of New Organizations, The Quality of Working Life and The 1980s", in H.
Connell and Hannif (2009) seeks to determine whether and how the quality of working life (QWL) varies between call centres (CCs) in the in house/ outsourced, public and private sectors and the implications of these findings on human resource management (HRM).
Basic Theorisation: Mapping the trend of thought in some definitions we find that some authors had emphasized on the physical factors of Quality of working life such as; basic extrinsic job factors of wages, hours and working conditions, and the intrinsic job notions of the nature of the work itself.
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Impact of performance obstacles on intensive care nurses' workload, perceived quality and safety of care, and quality of working life.
Nurses confronting these obstacles reported higher workloads, which were associated negatively with both perceived quality and safety of care and the quality of working life.
And while it is recognised different people have different perspectives the various frameworks and theories that provide a point of departure (to explain these exchange relationships) the paradigms do not convincingly express what makes for a high quality of working life (Davis & Cherns 1975).
Quality of Working Life cannot be attained unless all needs arising in organizational settings are taken care of (Sinha and Sayeed, 1980).
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