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QUANGOQuasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
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In the debate, Independent councillor Philip Evans, Conwy's Cabinet member for governance and regulation, asked: "Have Assembly Members asked how many quangos the Welsh Assembly has set up?
Research director Alison "Payne believes quangos lack "democratic accountability".
He added: "Once we have completed the planned closures and mergers, we will continue to review all remaining quangos to ensure that never again will we end up with so many of these vast bureaucratic and unaccountable bodies.
Many quangos grow to a bloated size and get forgetful about accountability and the need to deliver value for money for the taxpayer.
A total of 192 quangos across the country are to be scrapped under the plans.
The bonfire of the quangos was meant to be about cutting bureaucracy and waste.
State Department, either directly or funneled through one or more of the QUANGOs.
The general theme of the book is that Quangos are undemocratic and unaccountable.
As Pliatzky reminds us, while quango 'is a catchy word, the adjectives quasi-autonomous and non-governmental are unfortunately inaccurate in this context'.
Palm Pictures and Quango Music Group announced a joint venture to relaunch the Quango label.
A Cabinet Office spokesman said: "When this coalition Government came into office we carried out a complete overview of the quango landscape and we are now delivering the largest overhaul of public bodies in a generation.
But today's quango cull is neither about efficiency or even saving money as ministers seem very vague about the finances, despite the job losses involved.