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The point in discussion was the question then in vogue: Is there a line to be drawn between psychological and physiological phenomena in man?
But here it seemed to Levin that just as they were close upon the real point of the matter, they were again retreating, and he made up his mind to put a question to the professor.
Gradgrind, 'it is difficult to answer your question - '
The staff of the Cambridge Observatory place themselves entirely at their disposal in respect of all questions of theoretical astronomy; and herewith add their congratulations to those of all the rest of America.
Now, I have asked you a question, my friend," said Mr.
If I answered you, I should only lead to other questions, and I should be obliged to decline replying to them.
The most complete form of accuracy consists in giving correct answers to questions, an achievement in which calculating machines far surpass human beings.
Graham" had asked her a very remarkable question of a business nature, at the interview between them up stairs.
Then, after a moment's pause, during which he studied closely his companion's imperturbable face, he added the question which forced its way to his lips.
It was only a question of hurrying again, for a few preparations, to the house which the attendance at church of so many of the servants would practically have left unoccupied.
But whether or no it is right to dissolve the community when the constitution is altered is another question.
There remained, then, only two possible solutions of the question, which created two distinct parties: on one side, those who were for a monster of colossal strength; on the other, those who were for a submarine vessel of enormous motive power.
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