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QCQuality Control
QCQuébec (Province de Québec)
QCQueen's Counsel (UK)
QCQuad Cities
QCQuebec City (Quebec, Canada)
QCQuick Connect
QCQuezon City (Metro Manila, Philippines)
QCQuick Change (aircraft modification)
QCQueen City (nickname for the city of Cincinnati, Ohio downtown area)
QCQuantum Computation
QCQuantum Cascade (type of laser)
QCQualcomm Incorporated
QCQuietcomfort (Bose headphones)
QCQuartz Composer (Macintosh graphics tool)
QCQuartz Crystal
QCQuality Conference
QCQuakeC (C/C++ based language used to extend Quake)
QCQuality Circle
QCQuebec Central
QCQuebec Central (railway)
QCQwest Corporation
QCQuick Capture (gaming)
QCQuarter Column (print advertising)
QCQuickly Completed
QCQuarter of Coverage
QCQuiet Channel (RCA two-way radio)
QCQuality of Conformance
QCQuiet Chuckle
QCQuad Center
QCQualifying Capacity (electricity)
QCQuorum Consensus
QCQuantum Counter
QCQuota Certificate
QCQuarternary Center (ITU-T)
QCQuickmaile Chainmaile
QCQuality Checking
QCQueen's College (various locations)
QCQueens College (New York)
QCQuad Cane
QCQuantum Cryptography
QCQuality Center (Hewlett-Packard)
QCQuality Carriers (trucking company)
QCQuestionable Content (webcomic)
QCQueen Creek (Arizona)
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Though the copper jaws can be damaged by holding items that should be clamped with steel jaws, the quick-change feature is a real plus.
HQC quick-change collet systems can be used on chuck-style lathes to replace bulky three-jaw chucks.
According to the city's tape of that meeting, Locricchio said: ``The ratepayers are not paying, in effect, for the quick-change system development.
Why you should care: Kennametal says this is the industry's first line of quick-change tooling that accommodates Swiss-style machines.
Austin beat out other contenders by a slim margin with the highest per capita "in and out" gyms, quick-copy centers and quick-change oil services.
Future quick-change heads, however, will only be supplied in one new variant that is already prepared for connection to the new adapter plate.
A2-5, 16C high-torque, Super-Precision quick-change rotary system has no gears or mechanical elements and is a workhorse for applications that require limited rotational movement but that repeat for long periods of time.
The Series 100 system has the additional capability to produce low-volume output, and to easily adapt to quick-change tooling, as necessary.
The current industry terminology for a quick-change sweep is "knock-on," because current quick-change systems require the sweep to be driven on with a hammer for retention.
Stellar hot runners offer flexibility in molding various small-part sizes, especially when combined with a master unit die quick-change frame and insert system, according to the company.
Pertinent Data: The turrets drive live tooling at 6,000 rpm and feature a quick-change type standard to reduce tool change time.
a vacuum tooling mount and other quick-change tooling features;