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rOmpARickettsial Outer-Membrane Protein A
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At any rate, the fact that BART-S performance was significantly associated with total scores on the Sexual Compulsivity Scale and the Sexual Sensation Seeking Scale suggests that performance on the BART-S is indirectly related to sexual risk behaviors; both of these measures are associated with real-world sexual risk behavior (Kalichman & Rompa, 1995).
Drug and alcohol abuse has also been found to be associated with adherence levels (Ickovics & Meade 2002:309-318; Kalichman & Rompa 2003:59-61; Shernoff 2001).
Rompa is using the first machine for testing and prototyping.
FLA-1 gene fragment; a 459-bp Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease) rOmpA gene fragment; a 247-bp Ehrlichia spp.
La mia e una donazione e non e possibile trasmutarla ambiguamente in cessione senza che io rompa l'accordo e getti la mia gloria vera per quella falsa di Erostrato efesio incendiando le mie case e devastando le mie terre.
Rompa - Sally Rose Rompa, 91, of Eugene, died April 12.
Unfortunately, such risky behaviors have been noted across all sectors of the gay community throughout the last several years (Halkitis & Wilton, 1999; Kelly, Hoffmann, Rompa, & Gray, 1998; Remien, Halkitis, O'Leary & Hays, 1998; Vanable, Ostrow, McKirnan, Taywaditep, & Hope, 2000) and have been associated with both new seroconversions with medication-resistant strains of HIV (Hecht et al.
Pargli veder feroce la sua donna, tutta nel volto rigida e proterva, legar Cupido alia verde colonna della felice pianta di Minerva, armata sopra alia candida gonna, che 'l casto petto col Gorgon conserva: e par che tutte gli spennecchi l'ali, e che rompa al meschin l'arco eli strali.
Most of the items can be bought in DIY shops or contact Hope Education on 0161-628-2791; Rompa on 0800-056-2323; Quest Enabling Designs on 01329- 828-444; or Toys For The Handicapped on 01299-827-970.
In "Amor prohibido" a much clearer explanation is provided regarding the dilemma faced by the poet in his relationship with his loved one, whereas in "Y cuando rompa el alba" the poet shares with the reader his hope for a future of union and happiness: "Entonces y solo entonces; / cuando tu mano y mi mano/ se encuentren una a la otra, / comprenderas que no he vuelto .
We tested for molecular evidence of any SFGR species by nested PCR of rompA (rickettsial outer membrane protein A gene) (1).