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RABIDRebellion Against Big Irrepressible Dweebs
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Mugridge seemed to be in rabid fear of the water, and he exhibited a nimbleness and speed we did not dream he possessed.
He will become more rabid than ever, more also to be feared.
Indeed he had been known to go so far as to boast that he could utterly quell and subdue the haughtiest beauty by a simple process, which he termed 'eyeing her over;' but it must be added, that neither of this faculty, nor of the power he claimed to have, through the same gift, of vanquishing and heaving down dumb animals, even in a rabid state, had he ever furnished evidence which could be deemed quite satisfactory and conclusive.
At least 10 rabid bats have been identified in Oregon this year.
4 million in budget allocations every year but the municipal administration fails to launch a drive to get the city rid of stray and rabid dogs.
Other dogs that fought with the rabid dog have been killed," KyrbaE- said.
In this situation the likelihood the animal was rabid is pretty significant," she said.
A pleasant summer's day ended in horror when a child out for stroll with his father was fatally wounded by a rabid dog
In states like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and other plains states where there is skunk rabies, we tend to see more rabid cattle and horses, compared to other regions of the country.
Eisen tell us of a much larger threat to human life and liberty than rabid dogs and pirates:
As we head into 2010, we need to be prepared for more rabid wild animals and the exposures to people and pets that they bring.