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RADLRadial (street suffix)
RADLRemote Access Data Laboratory (online data query service; Australia)
RADLRobotics Applications Development Laboratory (NASA)
RADLRotary Anti-Defamation League
RADLRaleigh Area Disc League (North Carolina)
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Laguna Water Laboratory Services will start offering radiological analysis for drinking water in January 2018.
Under the terms of the agreement, McKesson will deliver a wide range of services and capabilities to Joliet Radiological Service Corp, including clinical documentation assistance, coding, claims management, denial management, business analytics, benchmarking and regulatory compliance.
Using Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters funding, JPM-RND will replace the Army AN/PDR-77 and AN/ VDR-2 Radiac Sets, Marine AN/PDR-77 Radiac Set, Navy Multifunction Radiac, and Air Force ADM-300 series instruments with a common joint system--the Radiological Detection System (RDS).
Since GAO's last audit, the administration has worked to enhance its radiological security through the Global Threat Reduction Initiative, which has focused heavily on the development of detection devices and on adequately trained response forces to better shield vulnerable sources, said Anne Harrington, nuclear defense administrator at the NNSA.
At a meeting with Nishikawa in the city of Fukui, Amano emphasized the need for cooperation in developing nuclear personnel, noting that Asian countries are increasingly introducing nuclear plants while radiological medical services are growing.
Radiological Physician Associates (RPA XRAY) relies on facility business partners to verify data integrity of patient orders.
These events demonstrate that 1) radiological incidents can happen at any time and any place, 2) state and local health agencies are involved in response and communication concerning health effects of radiation, 3) communication needs arise even when there is no public risk, 4) responses require coordination with multiple agencies, and 5) planning requires multiagency input.
Another report highlighted terrorist plots involving the use of radiological materials and potential targeting of nuclear facilities within Europe.
Alarfaj, who spoke at length about the activities of the AAEA with special reference to the agenda of the four-day meeting, said the Kingdom was well equipped to control and manage any radiological emergency.
The radiological threat can come in various forms, from a highly technical nuclear device to a rudimentary improvised explosive device (IED) with radiological material thrown in to create a form of dirty bomb.
The Department of Energy (DOE) maintains emergency response capabilities and assets to quickly respond to potential nuclear and radiological threats in the United States.
One member will attend and speak at the World Congress of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists in Durban, South Africa, April 23-27, 2008.
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