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RADLRadial (street suffix)
RADLRemote Access Data Laboratory (online data query service; Australia)
RADLRobotics Applications Development Laboratory (NASA)
RADLRotary Anti-Defamation League
RADLRaleigh Area Disc League (North Carolina)
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Improvement of physical security of radiological materials; Provision of mobile and man-portable radiation detection equipment; Regional cooperation on safeguards implementation; and Provision of training for Tajikistani officials on export controls.
Using Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters funding, JPM-RND will replace the Army AN/PDR-77 and AN/ VDR-2 Radiac Sets, Marine AN/PDR-77 Radiac Set, Navy Multifunction Radiac, and Air Force ADM-300 series instruments with a common joint system--the Radiological Detection System (RDS).
Since GAO's last audit, the administration has worked to enhance its radiological security through the Global Threat Reduction Initiative, which has focused heavily on the development of detection devices and on adequately trained response forces to better shield vulnerable sources, said Anne Harrington, nuclear defense administrator at the NNSA.
At a meeting with Nishikawa in the city of Fukui, Amano emphasized the need for cooperation in developing nuclear personnel, noting that Asian countries are increasingly introducing nuclear plants while radiological medical services are growing.
Radiological Physician Associates (RPA XRAY) relies on facility business partners to verify data integrity of patient orders.
They support the MDPH's Radiological Health program and the current proposed legislation regarding mammography quality assurance.
Demonstrations and exhibits include the DOE/NNSA Radiological Assistance Program and Aerial Measuring System assets based at nearby Joint Base Andrews, the National Guard Bureau s 32nd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (CST) based in Maryland, and the Environmental Protection Agency s mobile environmental laboratory from Montgomery, Ala.
Lot 6-1-piece installation Telediagnost radiological, 3 bucati- radiological installation Duodiagnost (Philips type)
One of the 50 is FM 3-11, Multiservice Doctrine for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations.
com, a new B2C service that enables consumers to receive primary or secondary radiological opinions online.
Adding to its many publications since 2001 on preventing, preparing for, and responding to radiological or nuclear terrorism, the Council offers emergency responders and medical centers guidance on developing radiological response plans that include the efficient screening of a population for internally-deposited radionuclides, decontamination procedures, and treatment by decorporation therapy.
DOE has unique capabilities and assets to prevent and respond to a nuclear or radiological attack in the United States.
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