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RHDRight Hand Drive
RHDResearch Higher Degree
RHDRheumatic Heart Disease
RHDRed Hand Defenders (terror organization)
RHDRabbit Haemorrhagic Disease
RHDRel Homology Domain
RHDRoads and Highways Department (Bangladesh)
RHDRobbery Homicide Division
RHDRestauration Hors-Domicile
RHDRight Hemisphere Damage (brain injury)
RHDRevue Historique de Droit Français et Étranger (French: Historical Review of French and Foreign Law)
RHDRemovable Hard Disk
RHDRéseau Haut Débit (French: Broadband Network)
RHDRight Hand Dominant
RHDRelative Hepatic Dullness
RHDRight Hip Disarticulation
RHDRemedy Help Desk
RHDResponse Hold Delay
RHDReceipt, Handling and Dispatch (warehouse storage)
RHDRoller Hockey Dijon (French roller hockey club)
RHDRobust High Density
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These arrays could be built to generate a number of small beams scanning in different directions at once; or to use a number of different receivers in various positions, to form a complete picture of the inside of the railhead.
As the railroads spun their web across the West, the need to march cattle to distant railheads evaporated.
ATLANTA -- Weeks Robinson Properties today announced its acquisition of two distribution centers totaling 702,000 square feet in the Railhead area of Ft.
Jabalpur (240 km) is the nearest airport while Pendra Road (40 km) is the nearest railhead.
At the entrance to the Ayrton Railhead there is a 100 tonne rail and road weighbridge used primarily for weighing dry bulk hopper wagons and liquid rail tanks.
Railhead Park is a rail neutral development with users having a cost advantage in choosing Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific rail providers running alternating service times throughout each day.
It is five years since the Alexandra Dock railhead was established at Liverpool,handling an initial three trains a week.
EREX Corporation (Benfords) of Warwick have taken a new lease on a brand new speculative manufacturing unit of 326,000 sq ft at Prologis Park in Coventry with expansion for a further 60,000 sq ft with railhead access.
Petrus Oil and Railhead Energy Company and served as a member of the board of directors for these companies as well as Dallas Petroleum Club.
Tenders are invited for Handling At Railhead Jamui And Transportation From Railhead Jamui To Ardc Jamui
Building on the success of the 8-, 12- and 16-inch EXTReam, Railhead now offers the reamer in 6 and 10 inches.
d/b/a Quorum International has leased 105,857 square feet of industrial space at 801 Railhead Road.