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RALLYResponsive Advocacy for Life and Learning in Youth (Program in Education, Afterschool & Resiliency; Harvard University)
RALLYRealistic Alcohol Laws for Legal Youth (est. 1995; various locations)
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The jingling piano at last is silent, and the Harmonic friends rally round their pillows.
During this supreme final rally of Danny's the audience rose to its feet and went mad.
Into the seventeenth round Danny carried his rally.
Instead of assisting me to bully the several coachmen and urge them forward, they merely stared and grinned at my impatience: one fellow even ventured to rally me upon it - but I silenced him with a look that quelled him for the rest of the journey; and when, at the last stage, I would have taken the reins into my own hand, they all with one accord opposed it.
She remembered the many hints she had given her niece concerning her being in love, and imagined the young lady had taken this way to rally her out of her opinion, by an overacted civility: a notion that was greatly corroborated by the excessive gaiety with which the whole was accompanied.
Hard all is the word; the two stand to one another like men; rally follows rally in quick succession, each fighting as if he thought to finish the whole thing out of hand.
A short rally at close quarters, and they close; in another moment the Slogger is thrown again heavily for the third time.
She is weak from being cupped and from medical treatment, but she will rally immediately.
If I were dying, I feel as if a word from you would rally me; if my pulse had stopped, I feel as if your touch would make it beat again,' said Neville.
For, as for Robin, he does nothing but rally and banter when I speak of it to him.
Brownlow to rally him on his old prophecy concerning Oliver, and to remind him of the night on which they sat with the watch between them, waiting his return; but Mr.
Seeks earnestly to know whether Podsnap 'will rally round him?