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RALPHReview of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities (San Diego, CA)
RALPHRapidly Adapting Lateral Position Handler (automotive science)
RALPHRoyal Association for the Longevity and Preservation of the Honeymooners
RALPHRosetta @ Home Alpha Project (alpha version, Rosetta distributed computing program)
RALPHReciprocally Acting Lymphocyte Proliferation Helper
RALPHResource Allocation Planning Helper (NASA)
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A POOR widow, ma'am,' said Ralph, with a powerful emphasis on that little adjective which conveys so much.
No they wouldn't, ma'am,' interrupted Ralph, hastily.
You may understand it then, ma'am,' said Ralph, 'and make your arrangements accordingly.
Then you had better get them out at the end of it,' said Ralph.
She sighed involuntarily, and the sigh annoyed Ralph, and he exclaimed with irritation:
Neither brother nor sister spoke with much conviction, and after reflecting for a moment what these proposed reforms in a strictly economical household meant, Ralph announced very decidedly:
In the course of his professional life, which now extended over six or seven years, Ralph had saved, perhaps, three or four hundred pounds.
My dear Joan," Ralph exclaimed, stretching himself out with a gesture of impatience, "don't you see that we've all got to be sacrificed?
I told Ralph," Geraldine said, looking up, "that you wanted to speak to him, but he and Olive have gone off somewhere.
Ralph, with a sheet of paper stretched out before him and a pencil in his hand, was apparently sketching something.
You see," Ralph Conyers explained, drawing back for a moment to look at the result of his labours, "this scheme, properly worked out, can keep a channel route such as the Folkestone to Boulogne one, for instance, perfectly safe.
One moment, Ralph," Thomson interrupted from the background.