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RALPHReview of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities (San Diego, CA)
RALPHRapidly Adapting Lateral Position Handler (automotive science)
RALPHRoyal Association for the Longevity and Preservation of the Honeymooners
RALPHRosetta @ Home Alpha Project (alpha version, Rosetta distributed computing program)
RALPHReciprocally Acting Lymphocyte Proliferation Helper
RALPHResource Allocation Planning Helper (NASA)
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Well, Ralph," said Thomas Flanagan, "what about that robbery?
On the contrary," broke in Ralph, "I hope we may put our hands on the robber.
How came they BOTH to be so keen upon looking up Ralph Smith's relations.
Two days ago Woodley came up to my house with this cable, which showed that Ralph Smith was dead.
but Ralph paid no attention to the voice, and made off upstairs with his plate.
But Ralph was conscious of a distinct wish to be interrupted, and his disappointment was perceptible when he heard the creaking sound rather farther down the stairs, as if his visitor had decided to withdraw.
Ralph Conyers, however, his cigar in the corner of his mouth, smiled imperturbably.
Thomson kept close behind Ralph Conyers and Captain Granet, who were talking no more of submarines, however, but of the last ballet at the Empire.
The tow-headed leopard man, who was billed on the boards as Raoul Castlemon and was called Ralph by his intimates, was already in the cage.
The situation was deservedly tense, and Ralph developed it with cautious care, making no abrupt movements, his eyes playing everywhere over dogs and leopards and the men outside with the prods and bars.
At length, after five years, when Mrs Nickleby had presented her husband with a couple of sons, and that embarassed gentleman, impressed with the necessity of making some provision for his family, was seriously revolving in his mind a little commercial speculation of insuring his life next quarter-day, and then falling from the top of the Monument by accident, there came, one morning, by the general post, a black-bordered letter to inform him how his uncle, Mr Ralph Nickleby, was dead, and had left him the bulk of his little property, amounting in all to five thousand pounds sterling.
The two prospered so well together that, when he died, some fifteen years after this period, and some five after his wife, he was enabled to leave, to his eldest son, Ralph, three thousand pounds in cash, and to his youngest son, Nicholas, one thousand and the farm, which was as small a landed estate as one would desire to see.