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RAMIReal Asset Management International (Boston, MA)
RAMIRoyal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (est. 1882; Dublin, Ireland)
RAMIRockford Area Music Industry (Rockford, IL)
RAMIRisk-Adjusted Mortality Index (health care data)
RAMIReliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectability
RAMIRaising Awareness of Mental Illness (now Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues; Australia)
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But the pictures of Pammy and Rami may mean the whistle has been blown on her friendship with Assange.
The killing of Rami provided confirmation that the intruders in Inabanga were Abu Sayyaf bandits and indicated that the brutal group was now operating far from its lairs in Basilan and Sulu provinces.
Friends who hold and fire the RAMI often use descriptors such as "tight," "solid," "firm" and other words such as "wow," "excellent" and there's even a few "hmph's" and "hmmm's," with a telling single eyebrow raise, a smirk and, more often, a smile.
Born in 1981 in Beirut, Rami has been called "a musician of extreme calibre and pure expression.
Rami is currently helping The GC choose a new home to live in.
Rami highlighted the significance of British tourists visiting Egypt, noting that statistics showed a 20% increase in tourists from the UK over the first quarter (Q1) of 2015, compared to the same period last year.
Hypersensible et exigeant envers soi meme, Badr Rami a choisi de collaborer avec les artistes de renom en raison de nombreux points communs qu'il partage avec eux notamment la sincerite , la passion et la volonte de propulser le patrimoine musical arabe et revaloriser ses richesses immaterielles.
Software AG has appointed Rami Kichli as the new Vice President for the firm's UAE division.
With such a strong consensus among stakeholders from business, government, think tanks and academia supporting policies which are located overwhelmingly in the "Innovation Policy" portion of the MGI public policy spectrum (and mostly supporting policies in the "Setting the Ground Rules and Direction" category) in the period 2009-11, why the recent passage of the RAMI Act containing a distinctly innovation/industrial policy instrumentality, i.
However, the Dutchman is keen to strengthen his defensive options, and, according to reports, has earmarked former Valencia star Rami as the man to fill the breach.
He said: "I see no advantage in publishing overall RAMI and I see potential harm in diverting attention away from more meaningful measures of healthcare outcomes.