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RAMIReal Asset Management International (Boston, MA)
RAMIRoyal Academy of Medicine in Ireland (est. 1882; Dublin, Ireland)
RAMIRockford Area Music Industry (Rockford, IL)
RAMIRisk-Adjusted Mortality Index (health care data)
RAMIReliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectability
RAMIRaising Awareness of Mental Illness (now Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues; Australia)
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Rami believes that the weakness of the tourism movement and the poor state of the tourism sector have caused the low hotel prices fixity.
Badr Rami pu se forger une experience unique a travers une carriere artistique acharnee partagee entre les dictes illumines et les traditions, ce qui a contribue enormement a la promotion de son parcours creatif en compagnie de la troupe [beaucoup moins que] Angham Achark[beaucoup plus grand que] (Melodies de l'orient) dirigee par son pere le maestro Mohamed Rami Zeitouni,le celebre violoniste syrien, originaire de la ville d'Alep reconnue par la science, l'authenticite et la passion de ses habitants pour Tarab et l'art original.
Prof Palmer said: "I see no advantage in publishing overall RAMI and I see potential harm in diverting attention away from more meaningful measures of healthcare outcomes.
Rami, who is Adel Imam's son, added: "It's all very calm behind-the-scenes and the cast & crew are very cooperative.
It was his decision to stop, and he became a volunteer to raise awareness for the cause," Rami said, in an attempt to shed light on Helmi's inspirational story.
He said that it was 'unfortunate' the way RAMI had been interpreted when it hadn't enabled them to say deaths rates were higher or high in Welsh hospitals.
Rami Makhzoumi passed away at the young age 33 years, on 23 April 2011.
The parenting roles that Rami and Circo have adapted, their concern for their chick and the response of the rest of the community were endearing.
The first signs of Circo's pregnancy were noted when Rami was seen making nests by moving little rocks around.
Now France star Rami has emerged as a candidate to fill the void left by skipper Vincent Kompany, who is out for a month with a groin injury.
Le nouveau gouvernement sera une continuation du precedent", a assure hier lundi Rami Hamdallah, reaffirmant que la plupart des ministres resteraient en place.
PNN On Monday 3rd June, US Secretary of State John Kerry praised the decision of President Mahmoud Abbas to assign the Rami Al-Hamdallah as the new Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority on Sunday, while encouraging a return to negotiations for a two-state solution.