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RAMUSRural Australian Medical Undergraduate Scholarships (Australia; Department of Health and Ageing)
RAMUSRéseau d'Appui aux Mutuelles de Santé (French: Mutual Health Support Network)
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It is interesting to note that one of the most influential of the simplifiers, Omer Talon, was a close associate of Ramus.
And there's a lot more woodworkers than I've ever seen, custom furniture, custom cabinets, a lot more variety," Ramus said.
Pubic ramus insufficiency fractures following total hip arthroplasty: a report of six cases.
In the New Foreword to the 2004 edition of Ong's Ramus, Method, and the Decay of* Dialogue, Adrian Johns commends Ong for his fine articulateness: "The real story [of the relation between media and reason]--one which is as relevant to our understanding of media as ever-is more fine-grained than [Ong himself was in the streamlined story he provides in Orality and Literacy.
afarensis jaw and in a handful of previously discovered partial jaws from the same species, the ramus closely resembles that of the gorilla, Rak says.
The "black box" equipment (so called because the user doesn't need to know anything about it to operate it) is stashed in the ferry's sea chest and samples sound water drawn in through cooling water intakes, "The chief engineers who serve on the individual ferries do a little daily operational preparation for the system," says Dan Noe of the North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division, who is working with Ramus and Paerl to outfit the ferries.
What Ramus provides are powerful "intelligent agent" capabilities that let users set up templates for structured messages--forms, memos, meeting requests, etc.
And with more people remodeling their homes instead of looking to buy new ones, regular exhibitors have revamped their booths to include more things, Ramus said.
Guido Oldrini notes in the first article, "Les strategies du combat chez Ramus et les ramistes," that Ramus's proposal to simplify the Paris curriculum won him acrimony or hyperdulia that crossed all barriers.
Since they purchased it, they haven't paid any taxes,'' De Ramus said.
Ramus was taken by ambulance to Peace Health Medical Center in Florence with minor injuries.
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