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RAMUSRural Australian Medical Undergraduate Scholarships (Australia; Department of Health and Ageing)
RAMUSRéseau d'Appui aux Mutuelles de Santé (French: Mutual Health Support Network)
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In order to support her argument, Couzinet opposes the criticism of Ramus in the second part of her investigation ("Ramus vu par ses biographes," 181-300) by looking at another sort of material on Ramus: biographies written by some of his pupils after his death.
Artist Bruce Ramus said the inspiration for the project was to create something uniquely Melbourne and hopes locals can feel a sense of ownership and connection to the art.
The nurseries have come in bigger than they used to because they know they need to market a little more than they used to to stay in business," Ramus said.
All 74 (100%) cases of single ramus of marginal mandibular nerve exiting from the anterior border of parotid gland were present above the lower border of mandible.
It is interesting to note that one of the most influential of the simplifiers, Omer Talon, was a close associate of Ramus.
Pubic ramus insufficiency fractures following total hip arthroplasty: a report of six cases.
In the New Foreword to the 2004 edition of Ong's Ramus, Method, and the Decay of* Dialogue, Adrian Johns commends Ong for his fine articulateness: "The real story [of the relation between media and reason]--one which is as relevant to our understanding of media as ever-is more fine-grained than [Ong himself was in the streamlined story he provides in Orality and Literacy.
Ramus fue una figura controvertida que padecio fuertes criticas de su entorno, pero tambien muy protegida por las autoridades; ademas de su nombramiento como Profesor Real y el mecenazgo de Charles de Guise, en 1547 obtiene un permiso real inedito para publicar las obras aun por escribir; asi mismo fue asesinado en contra de la orden expresa para protegerle del rey Carlos IX y su madre, Catalina de Medicis (43).
Each radiologist independently noted its sample and identified the mandibular ramus posterior edge; if the flexure was present at the level of occlusal plane it was diagnosed as +1 (Fig.
They then used a computer program to calculate an average ramus contour for each primate group.
Un buen ejemplo es Charles Waddington, autor de su unica biografia moderna, en la que se refiere a Ramus como "l'une des gloires les plus pures de son pays et de son temps.
Skalnik paints a portrait of Ramus as a self-made social outsider from the backwoods of Picardy, whose peasant values shaped his view of society and his attitude to pressing issues of his day.
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