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RANCHRoad Traffic and Aircraft Noise Exposure and Children's Cognition and Health (study)
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On account of foot-and-mouth disease and of hog-cholera, strange dogs were taboo on the Kennan ranch.
And in the meantime, running endlessly with Jerry over the ranch, he learned all the ways of it and all the life of it from the chickenyards and the duck-ponds to the highest pitch of Sonoma Mountain.
As for the rest of the ranch, the land was good in patches, where it was cleared, like the vegetable garden and the vineyard, but the rest of it was too much up-and-down.
There was plenty of pasturage all over the ranch, and there were several cleared patches, amounting to about fifteen acres in all, where he grew as much mountain hay as could be found.
In 2009, Castaic-area freshmen will attend West Ranch High School.
It was easy for Kennedy Funding to accept his Saguaro Ranch sales and cost projections.
Teen Ranch, represented by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), sued the state arguing that its decision to stop providing grants was unconstitutional.
The views from Leuschen's Switchback Ranch, straddling the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains, are nearly as stunning as the panorama from his New York office on Fifth Avenue, high above Central Park.
The Carter Trust claimed deductions for losses it incurred in connection with the ranch operations for 1994 and 1995 of $856,518 and $796,687, respectively.
Q claimed deductions in 1994 and 1995 for losses of $856,518 and $796,687, respectively, incurred in connection with the ranch operations.
Instead of galloping off on horses to monitor the ranch, as their predecessors did, rural hands at Monte Dinero tend the ranch on off-road motorcycles.