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RANCHRoad Traffic and Aircraft Noise Exposure and Children's Cognition and Health (study)
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We are more than half of the West Ranch family and it seems like now we are being pushed out.
Saguaro Ranch is located in the breathtaking Tortolita Mountains, about 20 miles northwest of downtown Tucson.
According to Bell's 30-page opinion in Teen Ranch v.
Leuschen, a Montana native, thinks nothing of flying from New York to his ranch near Cody, Wyo.
The court found the IRS's contention that the trust's participation in the ranch operations should be measured by referring to the trustee's activities had no support within the plain meaning of the statute.
In contrast, Q urges that because the trust (not the trustee) is the taxpayer, material participation in the ranch operations should be determined by assessing Q's activities through its fiduciaries, employees and agents.
The wool belongs to the Corino, a crossbreed developed at Monte Dinero; the ranch produces 70,000 kilos of wool each year.
A specialized software architecture running on top of the Solaris operating environment manages engineers' requests for Ranch services.
One night in 1975, a hail of lead tore through Jack Taylor's home on his ranch on the Rio Culebra, near the town of San Luis, just north of the Colorado - New Mexico border.
Recognizing the serious power shortages currently faced by the region, the BHP-King Ranch consortium is committed to moving these vital projects forward as rapidly as possible.
Mean serum levels of dioxin were 49 parts per trillion (ppt) in the Ranch Handers, compared with 5 ppt in the other veterans.