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RAPTORReconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado
RAPTORRobust, Adaptive Platform Technology for Operational Response
RAPTORRapid Analysis and Production of TPFDD and Oplan Requirements
RAPTORRevolutionary Airbreathing Propulsion Technology Demonstrator
RAPTORRapid Access of Privileges and Training for Operational Readiness
RAPTORRecoil Actuated Pivoting Torsion Orbital Retractor (car door)
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Kids can proudly display these limited-edition 2017 F-150 Raptor models as a long-lasting reminder of their 2015 Ford auto show experience.
Chapter 6, Migration Counts and Monitoring), and helpful websites (Chapter 1, The Raptor Literature); however, the community of raptor researchers is tighter due to the presence of several active mailing lists, which were over looked in the manual (e.
1999) may cause fluctuations in raptor populations (although see Stout et al.
We measure the success of Raptor on the foreign material removed.
The general said, "To add to what we learned on our successful first operational deployment to the Utah Test and Training Range to drop JDAMs [joint direct attack munitions], fly against double-digit SAMs [surface-to-air missiles] at Nellis and work [close air support] with F-16 FAC-As, we will conduct our first routine peacetime exercise deployment by taking 12 Raptors to Alaska in June for Northern Edge.
Product profiles for late stage and clinical stage products of Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Raptor obtained an exclusive, worldwide license to DR Cysteamine, as well as orphan drug designation from the FDA for DR Cysteamine for the potential treatment of nephropathic cystinosis, through its December 2007 acquisition of Encode Pharmaceuticals.
CONTACT: Kim Tsuchimoto, CFO, Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Final assembly and initial flight testing of the Raptor occurs at the Marietta site.
Members of the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron here flew the first F/A-22 Raptor Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation mission Aug.
The collaboration of experienced and seasoned raptor experts Richard Naisbitt and Peter Holz, Captive Raptor: Management And Rehabilitation is a critically important reference work on the treatment and release of injured wild and captive raptors.
Chapters cover characteristics of raptors; a field guide to common raptors like the turkey vulture, osprey, and barn owl; how to observe raptors; raptor life, including mating, nesting, feeding, and defense; owls; raptor aid and rehab; and "cool raptor projects to make and do," such as dissecting an owl pellet and making a nesting box.