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RAVERapid Assessment Visual Expedition (International League of Conservation Photographers)
RAVERede de Alta Velocidade (Portuguese train)
RAVEReducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002
RAVEReal Animated Vector Effects™
RAVERadical Audio/Visual Experience (all night dancing party)
RAVERotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust (snowmobile engine)
RAVERapid Action Value Estimation (computer science)
RAVERespect and Value Everyone
RAVERasterization Acceleration Virtual Engine
RAVEResearch Aircraft for Visual Environment (US Army)
RAVEReal-Time Audio Visual Environment
RAVERemote Alignment Verification System
RAVEReuse Architecture for Verification (language)
RAVEResearch on Atmospheric Volcanic Emission
RAVERadar Alignment Verification Equipment
RAVERecognize A Valuable Employee (SkyWest Airlines)
RAVEReal-Time Acoustic Response by Vocal Tract Excitation
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Rave's technology is deployed by over 4,700 colleges, universities, businesses and communities that rely on Rave to protect 45m citizens and send more than 500m notifications annually.
Now, anyone speaking of attending a rave is seen with suspicion," says another party goer.
Rave Computer, a privately held company based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, specializes in computer hardware consulting, integration, and support.
Further, Rave can supply cell phones to all students, a cost that can be as low as $15,000 for a smaller-sized student population, but as high as six figures for others, says Raju Rishi, Rave's COO.
But I wasn't so busy wanting to have fun that I forgot that there are other people around who may not be so keen on a rave and could even be intimidated by one.
Rave Reviews Cinemas LLC: CPA[R]:14 provided Dallas, Texas-based Rave Reviews with approximately $3.
The survey, known as RAVE (Radial Velocity Experiment), uses a 1.
The dealers he busted, like the parties' patrons, were mostly peaceable white suburban kids, too trusting and naive to think that a cop could have even found a rave.
The rave on New Year's Eve in San Francisco attracted 10,400 dancers, and was so organized that there were ATMs on hand.
These concerns are addressed in this paper through a discussion of the post-subculture/clubculture tradition and its relationship to classical American and British theory, a report of results from an ethnographic study of the rave subculture in southern Ontario conducted from 1995-1998, and an analysis of the study's findings drawing on both traditional and contemporary perspectives on youth (presented as 'five theses on resistance').
The expansion of the rave scene has been the most current development in the Toronto drug scene, the report says.
Rorke Data, Inc, a subsidiary of San Jose based Bell Microproducts (BELM), has announced that it has standardized on Rave Computer's series of scalable, Solaris-ready, UltraSPARC-III servers.