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RAVERapid Assessment Visual Expedition (International League of Conservation Photographers)
RAVERede de Alta Velocidade (Portuguese train)
RAVEReducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002
RAVEReal Animated Vector Effects™
RAVERadical Audio/Visual Experience (all night dancing party)
RAVERotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust (snowmobile engine)
RAVERapid Action Value Estimation (computer science)
RAVERespect and Value Everyone
RAVERasterization Acceleration Virtual Engine
RAVEResearch Aircraft for Visual Environment (US Army)
RAVEReal-Time Audio Visual Environment
RAVERemote Alignment Verification System
RAVEReuse Architecture for Verification (language)
RAVEResearch on Atmospheric Volcanic Emission
RAVERadar Alignment Verification Equipment
RAVERecognize A Valuable Employee (SkyWest Airlines)
RAVEReal-Time Acoustic Response by Vocal Tract Excitation
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Look for Rave Computer at booth G12 to experience the Ignition tower, rugged portable and small form factor systems in action.
A general rave must not be seen as a party that has been organised for the consumption of drugs in the first place.
Highly efficient on cost and power consumption, the Rave Ignition Standard is ideal for entry-level 3D CAD and engineering software.
Rave Guardian provides peace-of-mind and increased security by transforming users' mobile phones into personal safety devices.
Further, Rave can supply cell phones to all students, a cost that can be as low as $15,000 for a smaller-sized student population, but as high as six figures for others, says Raju Rishi, Rave's COO.
In a few, extremely rare cases, and particularly when users have been dancing vigorously--a hallmark of the rave culture--Ecstasy seems to be linked to sudden heart attacks in healthy young people who do not appear otherwise disposed to heart failure.
Business owners have come to Congress and told us there are only so many steps they can take to prevent any of the thousands of people who may attend a concert or a rave from using drugs,'' said Sen.
filed a bill in the last Congress called the RAVE Act (it stands for Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy), which would hold property owners and promoters liable for drug use on their premises.
Rave Computer had been looking to expand the medical vertical market by seeking a strategic partner to qualify its SPARC-based servers," said Dave Francis, Director of Business Development for Rave Computer, "Rorke Data is a great partner because they understand the data-intensive workflow required by imaging applications, especially in the medical industry.
With outlandish, skimpy costumes ranging from fur miniskirts to feathered headdresses, Venetian-style face masks and elastic fishnetting, the dancers rocked their way through six rave movements.
According to the ACLU complaint, the DEA told New Orleans rave organizers to ban symbols of rave culture such as pacifiers, glow items, surgical masks, and vapor rub from a prominent dance venue, saying that these items constitute "drug paraphernalia.
For those of us who remember the late 1950s, Holly had a hit record (yes, I mean hit "record") called Rave On.