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In alignment with this edition on readiness, the first two objectives are materiel readiness and Sustainable Readiness.
The Oxford Dictionary defines readiness as, "The state of being fully prepared for something.
After discussing the Florida ESOL work readiness requirements as well as the practical needs of ESOL participants with the ESOL Program Coordinator at Jupiter Community High School, Mr.
Baker, a youth services specialist at a library, former teacher, and specialist in early childhood education, early literacy/school readiness programs, and public libraries, draws on the Countdown to Kindergarten program she developed for a public library to show librarians how to develop school readiness programs for young children.
Excel in Our Role as Requirements/ Resource Sponsor to Ensure Afloat and Shore Readiness--N4 integrates the full spectrum of readiness requirements to enable optimum resource decision-making by Navy leadership.
The 2011 National Military Strategy defines readiness as "the ability to provide and integrate capabilities required by Combatant Commanders to execute their assigned missions.
Because the readiness of enablers, such as military police, is sometimes overshadowed by that of brigade combat teams, the military police-focused report was designed to provide a comprehensive picture of information on emerging reports, venues, and tools available to commanders.
Dimension Data's approach addresses readiness across four critical aspects of cloud computing namely business alignment, organisation, infrastructure and applications.
The combat readiness office was created to plan, prepare, execute and assess the wing's personnel readiness program," said Lt.
The purpose of the definition was to delineate the difference between "college readiness" and "career readiness.
The Navy has used the Status of Resources and Training System to report unit readiness since 1987.
Two issues had to be addressed: (a) the development of an all Army synchronized electronic dental database which would improve dental readiness validation processes at mobilization stations; and (b) an Army directed and funded RC dental readiness program that operates outside of alert status which would improve baseline RC dental readiness, leading to dental-ready RC Soldiers presenting to mobilization installations.