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RECAPRisk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality)
RECAPCapital Replacement
RECAPRegional Economic Community Action Program (New York state)
RECAPReconfigurable Aperture
RECAPReview & Command Assessment of Projects
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Nerdette Recaps Game of Thrones with Peter Sagal is coming to WBEZ just in time for the start of season five of the popular HBO show.
There is also so much development going on after the main theme recap that we wonder if we are actually still in the development section--maybe the "recap" we just heard was a false one?
4 (tonight's installment will be -- you guessed it -- another recap episode), it will air six consecutive episodes, ending with what it promises will be a spectacular cliffhanger, then return in February 2007, and finish the season with, the network promises, no repeats.
The recap was so successful that two years later, in March 1995, the company finally undertook an IPO, selling 2.
RECAP clients were about two and one-half times more likely not to commit a new crime than the control group.
On the other side of the issue, detectives who use recaps prefer getting concise and clearly incriminating statements.
i) Management Entrenchment: a recap, like several other takeover defenses, is an attempt by management to entrench itself at a cost to its shareholders.
One popular method of maximizing shareholder value while remaining independent is to perform a leveraged recapitalization, or a recap.
BOSTON -- Recap Real Estate Advisors (Recap), one of the nation's recognized experts in the finance, restructuring, and asset management of multifamily properties, today announced that Thomas R.
60second Recap poll shows 56% of high school seniors don't know fees can be waived.