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RECAPRisk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality)
RECAPCapital Replacement
RECAPRegional Economic Community Action Program (New York state)
RECAPReconfigurable Aperture
RECAPReview & Command Assessment of Projects
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According to banking industry sources, the fact that the government is planning to introduce Recap Bonds through supplementary demand for grants route clearly shows that it seeks to count such Recap bonds as part of Government borrowing.
The recapitalisation of public sector banks is a reform and recap package which will help improve credit flow in the economy," he said while addressing a press conference post the rollout of the RBI's bi-monthly monetary policy.
For the uninitiated, TWoP began in 1998 as a repository for "Dawson's Creek" recaps called (http://www.
This deal not only provides good shareholder value, but provides the next step in the development of recAP as a potential treatment for patients with Acute Kidney Injury and other inflammatory diseases.
In fact, representatives at RECAP tell us there is a reason for this (wwww.
There is also so much development going on after the main theme recap that we wonder if we are actually still in the development section--maybe the "recap" we just heard was a false one?
4 (tonight's installment will be -- you guessed it -- another recap episode), it will air six consecutive episodes, ending with what it promises will be a spectacular cliffhanger, then return in February 2007, and finish the season with, the network promises, no repeats.
Instead of routing the component directly to overhaul, we exchange it for an unserviceable or close-to-TBO component removed from another aircraft--if we pull a transmission that has 300 hours of serviceable life from a recap aircraft but find another transmission on a reset aircraft that had 10 hours' TBO remaining, we swap components and effectively achieve an additional 290 hours of useful transmission life.
The Gag Recap, a national newsletter published in Chalfont, Penn.
DSM Chemicals North America, a principle in the Evergreen joint venture, already uses the ReCap name for its recycled caprolactam product based on nylon 6 carpet waste.
In a private recap, an entrepreneur-owner can get cash for his company and still retain a large ownership position.