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RECAPSRegionalized Civilian Automated Pay System
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The recaps were a valuable resource for TV scholars, journalists and people just looking to catch up on their shows.
Fans came close to the breaking point last season when new episodes proved vexingly slow in coming between repeats and recap shows and, when they did air, failed to advance the story line or provide deeper insights into the island's mysteries.
The private recap route was preferable given our needs and what we wanted to do going forward.
iv) Bondholder Wealth Expropriation: Recaps result in wealth transfer from bondholders to shareholders.
They are also examples of how successful recaps can be, with profitable ongoing operations and investments that have generally outperformed the S&P 500.
Fans who purchase the "Follow You Team" option to one of the league's eight Conference Semfinal Playoff teams will receive full game recaps of every game the team plays from the Conference Semifinals through The Finals and a season recap video for $8.
EIS is more than a report generator, more than a dashboard display -- EIS is an interactive analysis tool that gives the printer a visual recap of the state-of-the-business, with the ability to ask questions and drill down to more detail," said Michael Henderson, EFI EIS product manager.
ABC and America Online today announced that they have teamed up to deliver fans of the number one new hit series "Desperate Housewives" weekly online recaps of the show the morning after it airs, exclusively through the AOL service (AOL(R) Keyword: Desperate Housewives) and the AOL.
We've made it easier for you with our all-new weekly recaps of the action under the dome.
Through MarketAxess, users can now access BondTicker data, $30 billion in daily inventory, MarketAxess daily trade recaps, two-sided markets through the ACTIVES(TM) page, and transaction capabilities with 12 of the largest corporate bond dealers on Wall Street, all through one system specifically designed to meet the needs of the institutional credit markets.
SportsTicker will offer in-progress scoring, game previews and recaps, schedules, standings, statistics, boxscores, team notes and other information.