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RECASTResearch Centre for Applied Science and Technology (Tribhuvan University; Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal)
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The WEEE Recast Regulations in Ireland now require all manufacturers who sell products to end-users via a web-store to display their WEEE producer registration number on their company website.
Recast says it will pay towns to supply its energy plant with their biomass debris.
The latter proposals were some of the more extensive recommendations or questions in the recast questionnaire, as well as the Commission's attempt to address the its observation of the non-uniform level of safety in the clinical evaluations to date.
The New Zealand jockey, who exercised restraint in order to get down to the required 54kg, nailed Itmaybeyou, ridden by Ronnie Stewart, and Top Spin (Saimee Jumaat) on the Laurie Laxon-trained Recast.
One of its ancient bells, which was last recast in 173 2, is now back in the bell tower in perfect condition after Simon organised a pounds 15,000 overhaul.
The difference in result seems to arise from the fact that the Tax Court in Karns chose to recast the nature of the repayment obligation.
On the other hand, the series is the only new show that has not been screened for critics; a couple of roles have been recast (Field is a late addition) and the tone has been retooled: all the makings of a troubled production.
Rather than celebrating the city's multi-racial and multi-ethnic origins, the parade appropriated and recast the region's ethnic history.
Although salient recasts should have called attention to themselves in this written environment if the recast was noticed it neither sparked published acknowledgement nor prompted participants to develop their ideas any further, and consequently, offer no insight as to whether or not students noticed the correction (examples 1-3).
In her series of Organic Honey performances, Jonas exposed and recast representations of "woman" by continually deferring them.
A CPA/ABV SHOULD OBTAIN clients' financial statements for five to seven years--or even ten if the nature of the business justifies it--and recast them to clearly distinguish operational business value,