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Design and performance of an indigenous water recirculating aquaculture system for intensive production of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.
RCI's fuel recirculating systems are UL 508A-listed and Green Clean Institute-certified, and all electrical components and connections are housed in NEMA 4X, weatherproof enclosures.
Says Steven Summerfelt, director of aquaculture systems research at FI, "The recirculating systems developed here have several advantages over net pens and flow-through culture systems.
965 include a digital indicating temperature controller, manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors, recirculating blower airflow safety switch, 10" diameter circular chart temperature recorder, plus an SCR power controller and fused disconnect switch.
The influence of blank recirculating perfusate on crocin stability was studied in vitro.
Options: Temperature and pressure sensing, custom-fit outlet tube, extended outlet tubes, recirculating color addition.
The system was designed to maintain water quality while recirculating up to about 90 percent of the culture water.
Washers can be configured with any combination of 5 sections: recirculating pre-wash, recirculating wash, recirculating rinse, fresh sanitizing rinse and blow-off.
It is designed to support multiple rearing tanks connected to a centralised water filtration and treatment system, maintaining water quality while recirculating up to about 90% of tank water.
Sealed recirculating bearing packs are used in place of air bearings to eliminate the need for an outside air supply and resist contamination.
The automated cleaning system is complemented by a closed-loop recirculating system for solvent recovery.