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RCLRecall (calculator function)
RCLRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (cruise line; stock symbol)
RCLRevised Common Lectionary
RCLRoyal Canadian Legion
RCLRemote Central Locking (vehicle window feature)
RCLResources for College Libraries (Association of College and Research Libraries)
RCLRemote Control Locomotive (railroads)
RCLRepresentative Council of Learners (South Africa)
RCLRadial Collateral Ligament (anatomy)
RCLRotate Carry Left
RCLResistance, Capacitance, and Inductance
RCLRadio Communications Link
RCLRate Classification Level
RCLReactor Coolant Loop
RCLRadar Controller
RCLRuling Case Law
RCLRoyal Credit Line (RBC Bank)
RCLRepair Cycle Level
RCLRobot Command Language
RCLReplication Command Language
RCLRapid Center Library
RCLRadiological Control Line
RCLRadio Control Link
RCLRéseau Canadien des Langues
RCLRepairable Components List
RCLRestrictive Conductive Location
RCLRouting, Channel Assignment, Link Scheduling (algorithm)
RCLRoutemaster Coach Lengthened
RCLRoad Center Line
RCLReliance Communications Ltd. (India)
RCLReliance Communications Limited (India)
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When I picked up my flak jacket from where it sat in the corner, a jagged piece of shrapnel fell out of the pocket, a souvenir from an enemy recoilless rifle round that hit not far from our bunker one night.
It is a light, recoilless, shoulder-fired, preloaded weapon used for close-range combat.
This warhead would complement the array of ammunition SOCOM recently has acquired for its recoilless, multi-role, 84 mm Carl Gustaf weapon for direct fire.
His company was a "heavy weapons support" company, providing mortar, machine gun, and recoilless rifle support to three rifle companies.
The armoury included hundreds of mortar rounds and rockets, thousands of recoilless rocket rounds and 65,000 rounds of small arms ammunition.
They also use the M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon) - a powerful hand gun used in close combat, the M16 assault rifle, M203 pump-action, single-shot weapon, Remington 870 shotgun, Heckler and Koch MP-5 automatic and M67 90mm recoilless rifle.
Heavy weapons, such as tanks, 106 mm recoilless rifles, mortars, and 3.
Light weapons" are designed for a crew of people--heavy machine guns, recoilless rifles, and portable antiaircraft guns.
During the war, Babbitt operated a tracked vehicle equipped with recoilless rifles and last year, while on Death Row, was presented with the Purple Heart.
According to Byong's testimony, North Korea has built a patrol post in the area to monitor South Korea's facilities for soldiers and has installed heavy firearms in the area, including a machine gun, a cannon and a recoilless gun.
Light antitank weapons - various light infantry weapons used against tanks and fortified positions, including grenade launchers, recoilless rifles, rockets, and antitank missiles.
45-caliber pistol up to the tank-busting 106mm recoilless rifle.