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RTLRegister Transfer Level (VHDL)
RTLRegister Transfer Level
RTLRetail (hardware or software release in its final version, as opposed to beta)
RTLRight to Left
RTLRight To Life (political party, NY)
RTLRun Time Library
RTLReady To Learn (PBS)
RTLRide The Lightning (Metallica)
RTLRegister Transfer Language
RTLResistor Transistor Logic
RTLRe-education Through Labour (China)
RTLRéseau de Transport de Longueuil
RTLRadio Télévision Luxembourg (Luxembourg Television and Radio)
RTLReal Time Logic
RTLRegister Transfer Logic (semiconductors)
RTLReady to Load
RTLReduced Tillage Linkages
RTLRide the Lobster (unicycling race)
RTLRegister Transfer List
RTLRestricted Target List
RTLRadial Transmission Line
RTLRoutine Test Load (suspension insulators)
RTLRadio Telex Letter
RTLRegimental Training Line
RTLRadiating Transmission Line
RTLResearch & Technology Laboratories (AVRADCOM)
RTLRolling Target List
RTLResponsible Task Leader
RTLRefrigerated Transmission Line
RTLRadio Team Leader
RTLReinforced Tile Lintel
RTLRegeneration Thermo-Luminescence
RTLRate Tracking Loop
RTLRecovery Technical Limit
RTLResource Tie Line
RTLRadiative Transfer Laboratory (University of Kentucky; Lexington, KY)
RTLRuntime Language
RTLRadio Timor Leste (East Timor)
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To help fill that gap, the researchers collected 1,147 stool specimens and 1,468 rectal swabs from patients under age 18 years who were seen at emergency departments in Calgary and Edmonton for diarrhea, vomiting, or both, with at least three episodes in the previous 24 hours.
Our experience and planned future use of a rectal spacer for IG-IMRT have unique considerations in our setting.
We reported a case of extraperitoneal rectal laceration with hematoma that was successfully closed with endoscopic hemoclips.
The rising incidence of both colon and rectal cancers among younger adults is "sobering," given that such trends "often provide a bellwether of the future disease burden," they noted.
KEY WORDS: Ventral rectopexy, Laparoscopic nerve sparing ventral rectopexy (LVR), Complete rectal prolapse management.
10 Analgesics can be used via oral, intramuscular (IM), intravenous (IV) and rectal route.
Patients presenting with rectal foreign bodies are predominantly men, usually in their fourth or fifth decade of life 4; while the women are more likely to have vaginal foreign bodies 5.
The report reviews key players involved in the therapeutics development for Rectal Cancer and enlists all their major and minor projects
Neoadjuvant radiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancer was widely used in the past two decades.
Digital rectal examination and proctoscopy revealed a metallic cup without handle in lower rectum approximately 6 cm from the anal verge.
El doctor Robert Cima, especialista en cirugia de colon y recto de la Clinica Mayo de Rochester, Minnesota, menciona que el cancer rectal empieza con un crecimiento pequeno de celulas no cancerosas llamado polipo.
Incarceration rarely complicates the chronically progressive form of full-thickness rectal prolapse.