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RDBLRedouble (contract bridge)
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I want us all to redouble our efforts to give children their childhood, to
I call on the participants to redouble their efforts to reach agreements.
We pledge to redouble our efforts to bring the perpetrators of this crime against humanity to justice.
He said: "I want to stay in the game and I'd like it to be here so I'll have to redouble my efforts.
This trend makes it imperative that we redouble our efforts to reduce emissions, particularly from mobile security sources, in order to meet upcoming federal ozone and particulate matter standards.
And we need to redouble our efforts to build greater awareness and support for veterans programs, both in Washington and among the American public.
This means that we must redouble our efforts to spread the wealth-building strategies--including homeownership, disciplined saving and investing, and estate planning--necessary to insulate black families against an uncertain job market.
Earlier, Colin Powell, the United States Secretary of State, condemned as barbarous the beheading by Islamic militants in Saudi Arabia and he vowed to redouble American efforts to combat terrorism.
Pakistan has taken steps to curb infiltration but we are asking the government to redouble its efforts.
McBride's call to re-prioritize black-authored primary texts and to redouble efforts to interpret writerly strategies more closely is commendable, particularly in regard to early African-American literature, which tends to attract relatively little scholarly attention or respect as compared to its twentieth- and twenty-first-century counterparts.
redouble their efforts for peace based on the goal of justice and human rights for all
We must redouble our efforts to make sure we do not seem to be simply reporting from their vantage or perspective," CNN chairman Walter Isaacson said in a memo to his staff.