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REELResearch Evidence in Education Library (UK)
REELReceptive-Expressive Emergent Language (language impairment test)
REELResearch Experiences to Enhance Learning (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
REELReal Estate Environmental Liability
REELRamky Enviro Engineers Ltd. (est. 2006; Hyderabad, India)
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And when the King had ridden off she took the little shirts and went into the wood, and the reel showed her the way.
With an effort I started toward the opening of the cave only to reel drunkenly against a side wall, and from there slip prone upon the floor.
Now be quiet, while I reel off my physiological lecture to you.
I have, therefore, made up my mind to tell you, that I do not want to dance a reel at all-- and now despise me if you dare.
A strong and cruel hand was wielding the knotted cords; they sunk deep into the flesh, and thou mightst have tracked every reel and totter of my footsteps by the blood that followed.
You will observe, monsieur, and tell me what you think; I could so much better rely on your opinion than on my own; women cannot judge of these things as men can, and, excuse my pertinacity, monsieur, but it is natural I should feel interested about this poor little girl (pauvre petite); she has scarcely any relations, her own efforts are all she has to look to, her acquirements must be her sole fortune; her present position has once been mine, or nearly so; it is then but natural I should sympathize with her; and sometimes when I see the difficulty she has in managing pupils, I reel quite chagrined.
and a resounding box on the ear made the unfortunate Professor reel across the room.
Ajax caught up one of them and struck Hector above the rim of his shield close to his neck; the blow made him spin round like a top and reel in all directions.
For an instant she thought of the wide turn of the staircase, and the new ivory-white paint that no coffin corner could scar, but presently, the shadow passed in a pure wonder and bewilderment that made her reel.
Little Penn bent above his square deep-sea reel and the tangled cod-lines; Manuel lay down full length on the deck, and Dan dropped into the hold, where Harvey heard him banging casks with a hammer.
A berg that seemed ready to carry the world before it would ground helplessly in deep water, reel over, and wallow in a lather of foam and mud and flying frozen spray, while a much smaller and lower one would rip and ride into the flat floe, flinging tons of ice on either side, and cutting a track half a mile long before it was stopped.
Close to him was the great coil of cord on its reel.