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RFLRevue Francophone des Laboratoires (French medical magazines)
RFLResorcinol-Formaldehyde-Latex (chemical system used to bond polyester or nylon to rubber)
RFLRegistered Foreign Lawyer (UK)
RFLRosario Football League (Argentina)
RFLReflections Records
RFLRestricted Frequency List (US DoD)
RFLRadio Fréquence Luynes (French radio station)
RFLRandom Fatigue Limit
RFLResearch for Life
RFLReady For Lunch?
RFLReally Freaking Loud (Polite Form)
RFLRegulatory Functions Levy (Australia)
RFLResponse Force Leader (US DoD)
RFLReally Freaking Lame (polite form)
RFLRadio Fréquence Laon (French radio station)
RFLRight Fuel Level
RFLRebel Football League (fantasy football)
RFLRéunion Fruits et Légumes (French produce company)
RFLRavalement de Façades Lyonnaises (French home renovation company)
RFLRossbrook Football League (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
RFLRelay For Life (American Cancer Society fundraiser)
RFLRequired Fitness Level
RFLRugby Football League (UK)
RFLradiofrequency lesioning (pain management)
RFLRestricted Flammable Liquid
RFLRequest for Leave
RFLRoommate for Life
RFLReason For Living
RFLResident Faculty Leader (West Virginia University)
RFLRestrictive Fire Line
RFLRobot Fighting League
RFLRoad Fund Licence (UK tax)
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This suggests that customers with opportunity costs of time to refuel in double digits should certainly just buy their gasoline so as not to run out, i.
2 one 5 ] Creative will begin the Refuel digital experience with the design and development of splash website to provide consumers with information and brand positioning about their exclusive battery pack technology.
The ideal thing - to go sit and have a nice lunch and just sort of refuel for the afternoon or to have a social lunch with a friend or colleague - is really a luxury.
The advanced system provides increased boom control and responsiveness compared to existing boom refueling systems, enabling aircraft to refuel more safely and easily in all weather conditions.
We are confident that Russian and international airlines will benefit from the advantages of the formula pricing system, enabling our customers to refuel aircrafts both in Russia and abroad.
Boeings KC-46A is a multirole tanker that can refuel all allied and coalition military aircraft compatible with international aerial refueling procedures, as well as having the ability to carry passengers, cargo and patients.
The two drogue systems on the KC-46 -- CDS and WARPs -- pass fuel at a rate of 400 gallons per minute, and the WARPs can refuel more than one aircraft at a time.
The combat-proven A330 MRTT is the only new generation tanker/transport certified and in-service and the first to refuel the F-35A, underlining its full international interoperability with all Western front-line fighters.
The A330 MRTT's combination of an advanced flying boom and hose/drogue refueling systems - a capability shared by the KC-30 - ensures the Royal Australian Air Force will be able to support its own military aircraft, and contribute to joint operations with the ability to refuel all types of Coalition aircraft.
The boom system's advanced features will allow it to refuel all suitably-equipped receiver aircraft, and the boom is easily adaptable to future mission requirements - including the refueling of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
The reformer will be able to generate 65 kilograms of hydrogen a day, which is enough to refuel approximately 20 fuel cell powered vehicles.