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RTTMReal-Time Trade Matching (financial industry)
RTTMRegression to the Mean (statistics)
RTTMReduce To The Max (Daimler, Germany slogan)
RTTMReal Time Transient Model
RTTMReal-Time Targeted Marketing
RTTMRoleplaying to the Max (Internet forum)
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Are there other ways that regression to the mean can show up?
Typical degrees of regression to the mean imply substantial slowdowns in China and India relative even to currently cautious forecasts.
All members included had at least one intervention year and two baseline years of data that enabled us to better control for regression to the mean.
Longer follow-up periods can also help reduce any lingering effects of regression to the mean by continuing to measure group differences after the natural regression has occurred (Linden, Adams, and Roberts 2003).
One might believe that comparing "A" district schools to "F" district schools confounded the results because of regression to the mean.
In the case of somatic parameters, regression to the mean is noticeably stronger for the experimental group for body weight and the perimeter of the tights.
If there is less of a drop-off among the top players, then regression to the mean is a likely explanation.
Regression to the mean occurs when the scores on those bottom-ranked competencies increase from Time 1 to Time 2 because of a non-intervention related factor, namely, the unreliability of the assessment.
The presence of within-subject variability raises the issue of regression to the mean (RTM) (31) and the probable value for an individual.
The authors do highlight a potential weakness in their findings; because the subjects were selected on the basis of meeting certain scores, regression to the mean could account in some way for the observed reductions in the risk factor scores.
These baseline differences make comparison of the 2 groups after 3 months of monotherapy difficult, because the seeming improvements in testosterone and insulin in the rosiglitazone group may have been due to regression to the mean rather than a true effect of the drug.
The tendency of those with high scores on one occasion to obtain somewhat lower scores on a later occasion is one example of regression to the mean.