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Chinese scientists have successfully regrown dog bladder tissue on the back of a mouse.
If myelin could be regrown or more completely repaired before the underlying nerve is permanently harmed, the nerve might work normally--and the person might recover lost functions.
Replacing petroleum-based serviceware with something that can be regrown every year presents a cornucopia of new opportunities to stimulate consumer interest and stand out from the competition.
An Australian cardiologist has regrown the world's first monkey heart out of stem cells.
London, Jan 21 (ANI): A new research has determined that tropical forest that has regrown after clear-cutting can become almost as biodiverse as untouched forest, and are worth conserving.
An MRI scan showed the tumour which had struck him down last year had regrown and surgery was needed immediately.
Now, in a major breakthrough with experiments on mice, Prof George Cotsarelis and his team at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have found entirely new follicles can be regrown, from which fresh hair sprouts.