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REHI[not an acronym] Hello Again (chat)
REHIReal Estate Held for Investment
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reHi c We "I think we have a real chance of doing it this year.
amb 'bow, crossbow', hui 'nettingneedle', ihu 'body; flesh', jaga-(ma) 'to divide', jaksa-(ma) 'to be able to, to be strong enough', jase 'limb', kaas 'lid', kesk 'center', koole 'ford', kotkas 'eagle', kudu-(ma) 'to weave', kaski-(ma) 'to order', kulm 'cold', louna 'south', meel 'mind, sense', moni 'some', neid 'young lady, maiden', nema-(d) 'they', niin 'bass, bast', okse-(nda-ma) 'to vomit', orav 'squirrel', ots 'end, tip', pedajas 'pine', peni 'dog', pire 'restless; grumpy', pahkel 'nut', rehi 'barn', rappen 'vent for hot vapour', sage 'frequent', sari 'series, cluster', sarna(-ne) 'similar', seitse 'seven', sasi 'pulp', saar 'leg, shin', tee 'way, road', tuul 'wind', vahe-(ta-ma) 'to change', voos 'annual crop', ai 'father-in-law').
The Company's OREO assets are considered held for sale based on management's current intention to market and sell the assets in the near term, while management's current intent and strategy is to hold, operate or develop its REHI assets over a longer term.