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RLXRight Lower Extremity
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Clinical data and the opinions of interviewed thought leaders indicate that relaxin may haveadvantages over current therapies on this attribute.
Several variables, including baseline patient characteristics, early improvement in dyspnea (breathlessness) to day five, physician-determined occurrence of worsening of heart failure (WHF) during hospitalization, increased serum creatinine during hospitalization and relaxin administration, were included in the model to determine the important predictors of the two outcome measures: 60-day cardiovascular (CV) death or re-admission for heart failure and 180-day CV death.
Recently, biological effects of relaxin in the heart, kidney, liver, and brain have been identified, and these discoveries have triggered additional interest in possible clinical applications for relaxin.
In view of the increasing interest in Relaxin as a possible drug and considering the problems inherent in producing enough of this hormone at a reasonably low cost, it could be foreseen that such information would be enthusiastically welcomed.
The use of relaxin led to considerable improvement in dyspnea when compared to placebo and lasted up to 14 days, longer than any therapy studied.
These receptors are known to be activated by Relaxin and Insulin-like 3 (INSL3), respectively.
Hsu's group found that two relaxin family members, RLN3 and INSL3, arose from a common ancestor.
Prior to joining StemCells, she worked as vice president of regulatory affairs and quality at BAS Medical, where she was responsible for the quality assurance function, regulatory strategy and submissions to support the development of a recombinant biotherapeutic, Relaxin.
today announced the initiation of patient enrollment in a Phase II clinical trial of Relaxin, a naturally occurring peptide hormone that is being developed for acute heart failure and other acute care illnesses.
The kit rejoins Synbiotics' Witness(R) line of veterinary diagnostics that includes the Witness(R) HW canine heartworm antigen test and the Witness(R) Relaxin pregnancy test for dogs and cats.
Corthera will use the financing to advance the clinical development of its lead drug candidate, Relaxin, for the treatment of acute heart failure.