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Donald Trump made a lot of big promises during his campaign, including to overhaul our trade policy and renegotiate NAFTA, said Brown.
Bush, a former governor of Texas, defended NAFTA then, saying, "now is not the time to renegotiate NAFTA or walk away from NAFTA.
Sharp executives pointed out that Sharp doesnt want its bad business performance bringing financial burden on Hon Hai and thus is willing to renegotiate the prices for Hon Hai to obtain 9.
When their backs were against the wall these hospital bosses definitely told us they would have the opportunity to renegotiate the contract," he said.
Following this, 68 per cent of solicitors believe clients should re-value their pension pots, and 64 per cent believe clients should renegotiate their other investments, such as stocks and shares.
Third, if it seems daunting to renegotiate on your own, consider creating an independent network of practices to raise your bargaining power.
The seminar included a discussion about the ability of developers to renegotiate planning contributions.
The EU has failed again to convince the US and Japan to renegotiate the 1996 Information Technology Agreement (ITA), opening a new chapter in a long-standing dispute over tariffs applied to high-technology products.
Dairy farmers are being urged to renegotiate milk contracts with retailers.
hopes to extend, renegotiate passenger data pact with EU.
There is also speculation that GNER is trying to renegotiate with the DfT its franchise agreement to pay the Government pounds 1.
I am a person who would be a little frightened to be in an environment that says 'things have happened, so we have to renegotiate,'" he said.