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The repository, which was launched for life insurance policies on September 16, provides policyholders the facility to keep insurance policies in electronic format like demat (dematerialised) shares, doing away with the need for safekeeping a document.
The power and flexibility of Nexus helps organizations simplify and speed their repository management," said Bruce Snyder, Principal Consultant at Jailey Solutions and co-founder of the Apache Geronimo project.
Depending on business practice, regulatory guidelines and legal mandates, you must be able to delete e-mail from the central repository.
Essentially, a specialized harvest of each repository is performed.
The DAU is planning the development of a central Learning Asset Digital Repository (LEADR) that will serve as a central database of learning assets that are principally developed and managed by DAU, but also house other DoD assets that DAU is specifically responsible for managing.
The company's new data integration process between the offline data repository and the online data collection provides an efficient, cost-effective and tightly integrated solution for capturing real-time constituent information and importing that data into an existing constituent database such as Raiser's Edge(R).
LAI is capturing, organizing, life cycle managing, and providing open access to a broad spectrum of learning assets in a central digital repository or repositories.
However, while this process may be time consuming and painful at first, we believe that the benefits of building an open repository of microarray data will far outweigh any initial disadvantages.
The Yucca Mountain repository, just across the California border from Death Valley, would hold up to 77,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste, which when unshielded would be fatal to anyone standing nearby, even for a moment.
On the other hand, the Energy Department got some welcome news about an underground repository in southern New Mexico called the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).
Ability to access (read) critical content, including metadata, users, groups and group memberships from the SharePoint repository.