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REPORepurchase Agreement
REPORepossess (delinquent secured loans)
REPOReporting Officer (US Navy)
REPORemote Emergency Power Off
REPORegional Energy Program Office (US Navy)
REPORegional Environmental Protection Office (various locations)
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The friend sent us screenshots of WhatsApp images and messages confirming that the suspect had sent a tow truck to repossess the vehicle.
He had previously tried to repossess the limo of the previous Attorney General a year ago.
Liverpool Mutual Homes brought a case against him to repossess the property at the County Court yesterday on the grounds that he had broken his tenancy agreement.
Newcastle County Court issued a warrant to repossess the house on behalf of moneylender The Mortgage Works (UK) Plc, and the bailiffs arrived to evict Brian and his housemate, an equally-frail 63-year-old man.
Around 100 residents from across the Northeast, including some from Teesside, are appealing last week's High Court ruling which said mortgage companies still had a right to repossess their homes despite the families being defrauded.
Union Properties, UP, will join a number of other Dubai developers in a move to repossess properties from defaulted investors in its MotorCity project, Emirates Business said Tuesday.
We have gone through the entire process as regulated by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) to repossess the units.
Global Banking News-1 May 2009-RBI says NBFCs can repossess assets in case of default(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Oregon law clearly gives Wells Fargo Bank the right to repossess collateral to make good on a loan that Country Coach can't repay, the bank's lawyers argued in a legal brief filed Thursday.
In many states, the lender can repossess your car without as much as a telephone call or written notice if you fall behind on one monthly payment.