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REPPRenewable Energy Policy Project
REPPResearch Evaluation and Policy Project (Australia)
REPPRural Economic Policy Program (est. 1985; The Aspen Institute)
REPPRape Education and Prevention Program (various locations)
REPPResearch in Education, Policy and Practice
REPPReusable Environmental Protective Pack
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The longer you allow this process to go on, the better tasting the gumbo will be, Repp advises.
After the pipeline was buried, engineers ran a "geo pig" that contained a gyroscope to measure the precise location of the buffed pipeline, Repp said.
Repp said the jury appeared star-struck when Webber testified in his own defense.
Assistance with the finalisation of the REPP documentation;
In fact, Repp discovered in his experiment that although the average sound spectra for males and for females were practically identical, people tended to assume, wrongly, that females clap more quickly than males.
REPP is a product that should exist in this market, CincyTech principal Justin Thompson said.
In his new role, Repp will focus on achieving AvMed's strategic growth goals.
Repp holds a bachelor's degree from the Ohio State University.
Plans call for hotel front desk attendants, doormen and concierge to wear grey tropical wool pants with navy blazers paired with either a yellow, light blue or pink cotton habadashery shirt and coordinating colorful Repp ties.
The bankruptcy court has approved the sale of Edison's Repp Ltd.
On May 18, Edison received bankruptcy court approval of a previously announced agreement to sell its Repp Ltd.
Edison had previously signed a definitive agreement to sell its Repp Ltd Big & Tall menswear stores and Repp By Mail catalog operations to J.