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What is especially significant about this reprint of "Revenge and Requital" is that it was likely published in Lloyd's simultaneously with or just after the story was printed in the July/August 1845 issue of the Democratic Review in New York.
To purchase or inquite about electronic reprints of your favorite article(s) today, send an e-mail to: ca_reprints@upmediagroup.
McGill sees this transition in Hawthorne's career as symbolic throughout America, moving from a reprint culture toward a national literature.
As a result, a publisher, who has been given the rights to print and reprint an article, must get additional, specific permission to republish it on the Internet.
The reprint business is just beginning to come out of the "old world" and into the new.
A journey of the spirit begins in the reprint files of Cross Currents.
To obtain permission to reprint an article, a check and letter describing the articles and its intended use should be sent to Christine Bruno, administrative coordinator, Real Estate Weekly, 662 Main Street, New Rochelle, New York, 10801.
To obtain a permission to reprint request form from the AICPA Faxhack System, dial (201) 938-3787 and request Document No.
No journal name on the reprint (or the name is unfamiliar).
00 per reprint (plus postage--see below) and a self-addressed, business-size envelope to:
The authors indicate that team building is important but the chapter moves from team building in general without discussion to a specific reprint of a patient care-directed team article, which itself references articles regarding seven processes for team meetings but does not outline for the uninitiated what those processes should be.
President Nicholas Griswold, in fact, believes Foster is the only exclusively reprint printer in the entire nation.