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Andrew Sealfon, President of Repro Med Systems, commented, "Our focus on building our core business is bearing gratifying results in building value for our shareholders.
Mark Donnelly, PfL's business development manager believes the print and repro graphics industries in Merseyside are set for major growth
And to make matters worse, the language is stilted, repetitive and unattractive (but not as unattractive as the black and white repro duction of the Michelangelo's restored Last Judgment, to take a single example).
his colours carried to victory for the first time, although he was involved with another Akehurst winner in Advance Repro.
Still to get out are the Clintons' 300,000 yule cards, this year a repro of Kay Jackson's ``White House Nocturne, South Lawn 1997.
Contract notice: European tender for the lease and maintenance of mfps, printers and repro and providing software and supplies.
They were printed on the latest print equipment, using a Colour Managed repro path and plate imaging techniques and FFP's own in-house HD platemaking facility.
Only 100 are available: they include brand new GI barrels, and can be had in a package including two steel stripper clips, a brass stripper clip, WWII type leather sling and a Springfield repro cartridge belt.
This one's promising; I'd like to see some more writing and consistent photo repro.
Advance at Southgate consists of three, above-grade floors of 90,000 square feet over covered parking and additional below-grade space of 50,000 square feet, which provides space for a data center, cafe, fitness center, repro center and storage.
Bramall was horrified when he saw Maxwell's repro kit - apparently as he was only a retired captain he wasn't entitled to wear uniform.