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He secured from the reservations in the Western states over one hundred wild and for the most part perfectly ignorant Indians, the greater proportion of whom were young men.
He held himself to be, with some private scholarly reservations, a believing Christian, as to estimates of the present and hopes of the future.
He had not expected the reservation on his side to be met so composedly by a reservation on hers.
As he listened to his brother's argument with the professor, he noticed that they connected these scientific questions with those spiritual problems, that at times they almost touched on the latter; but every time they were close upon what seemed to him the chief point, they promptly beat a hasty retreat, and plunged again into a sea of subtle distinctions, reservations, quotations, allusions, and appeals to authorities, and it was with difficulty that he understood what they were talking about.
Of all the tribes named in these pages, there exist only a few half-civilized beings of the Oneidas, on the reservations of their people in New York.
Without this, all the reservations of particular rights or privileges would amount to nothing.
But, if I am forced to admit the Rouquayrol and Ruhmkorff apparatus, I must be allowed some reservations with regard to the gun I am to carry.
I should have my reservations and my animadversions if it came to close criticism of his work, but I am glad that he was the first author I loved, and that even before I knew I loved him I was his devoted reader.
He could not bid against Jerry's many reservations and memories, although he did win absolute faithfulness and loyalty.
More than 50 percent of adults on the reservation have the disease, according to Indian Health Service.
Suppose you were on the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho.
State Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally, D-Compton, wants a state-designated reservation in Compton.