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Our new InuMax Advanced Retinol solution can help brands focus on performance by going beyond just retinol stability and irritation reduction; it leverages an innovative, new technology that offers excellent performance in delivering retinol to deeper skin layers, providing multiple benefits that make it an outstanding value proposition for cosmetic products aiming to fulfill consumer expectations through use-level claims, said Arnoldo Fonseca, Americas marketing manager for the Personal Care business.
The authors concluded that low serum levels of retinol and zinc may be associated with hearing loss involving high frequencies in the elderly, and that retinol and zinc may have a role in the development of ARHL.
Based on these studies, it is clear that N-acetyl glucosamine and retinol effectively repair sun-damaged skin and lighten hyperpigmented spots to give aging hands a youthful appearance.
Because of the important role of CRBP II in the absorption and transport of retinol, this gene may be an important candidate gene for reproductive performance in chickens.
Brand Connoisseur Kate at Beauty Bridge, said, “Time-Released Retinol sounds interesting to me.
They discovered that those who took the supplements, in particular retinol, were 60 per cent less likely to develop melanoma skin cancer, the deadliest form, than those who took no supplements.
As such retinol is of fundamental importance for energy homeostasis.
Retinoids allowed for use in cosmetic products include retinol and retinyl esters (for example, retinyl palmitate).
When an oral dose of vitamin A is administered, the freshly absorbed retinol is rapidly liganded with the accumulated apo-RBP and is released into plasma; if 3, 4-didehydroretinol ester is given orally, 3, 4-didehydroretinol is also released as its complex with RBP.
This new form of Retinol is highly effective without being inconvenient; it makes the skin glow and healthy.
It contains a cocktail of time-defying ingredients including vitamin C, white tea, co-enzyme Q10 and retinol.
The relative instability of serum retinol (9), a biochemical marker of VA status, precludes its use in field research, although recent studies demonstrate stability of retinol in whole blood stored as dried blood spots (DBS) (10, 11).
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